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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fabirc and Pattern Givaway for Five Easy Questions

Our Newest Patterns and A Jellyroll Givaway!

jill here... Okay Followers and Bloggers, sometimes we feel lonely.  We know you all are out there because we can read our statistical information BUT you don't always say much.  Here's your chance!  We've been making our latest samples to get our trunk show up and running.  Some of our second samples are the same as our originals, some we've changed up a bit.  If you answer the following five questions, you will have a random chance to win the "Wee Woodland" jelly roll by Keiki for Moda and all 4 of our newest patterns.  There needs to be at least 100 of you to comment or this won't fly (and then I'll have to think of something else).  Even our friends in the Ukraine, Australia and Venezuela are eligible.  Don't make me think any harder.  This is scientific research!

Yesterday we went searching for some interesting photography backgrounds.  The sun was not particularly cooperative and we weren't  able to set up the tripod so these are preliminary, but you can still get the picture (right?)!

1.  Do you prefer traditional or modern design?

2.  Do you buy quilting patterns?

3.  Do you buy quilting books?

Our newest baby NIBBLES presented flat out (and slightly out of focus).

Baby NIBBLES presented in a modern context.
4.  If you buy patterns, would you rather see the quilt represented totally "flat out" or would you prefer if     it had an artistic, not totally visible presentation?


I bet you didn't know we had a beach in Ames!
5.  If you buy patterns, would you like to see more than one option on the cover?

 In order to be eligible, all you need to do is answer all five of the questions simply.  You can embellish your answers if you wish.   We'll announce our winner next week along with the cutting instructions for "Dinner Plates".  Stay tuned!