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Pie, Sweet or Savory
Easy pieced Pie blocks become circles or a graphic line. 
Template patterns are included. Or use grooved circle cutting rulers for 13" thru 19" circles. Alternative fabric schemes and use of "leftovers" are discussed. 
The Savory throw seen on the cover is an additional 
alternative to diagrammed setting within pattern.

Tasty Measures features a large scale print accented either with 
segments of ombre fabric or individually chosen fabrics.  
The pattern is written for Runner, Baby, Throw and Queen.

Torte cooks up graphic horizontals with a select range of values or melt the flavors into a smooth blend.  It's all about the fabric choices!  Design discussions (pattern interior) will provide direction to create a recipe specific to your taste.

Cutlery uses multiple accent "knives, forks and spoons" to complete every place at the table.  Enjoy quick cutting and piecing with sophisticated results.

Lunch Boxes features multiple sets of opposite fabrics OR a single set of opposites.  Clever consideration of values and hues will make it appear that stripes run horizontally and vertically through the quilt.  Choose an intersection fabric that mixes these two fabrics.

Our book, Picnic, includes a progression through six modern blocks that make up the sampler quilt. There are 13 additional projects.  Fun approach to design lessons throughout.  Great for individuals, guilds and block of the month.  Retails for $19.95.

Recipe Cards scattered across the counter.  Use your favorite focus prints in two scales in the Large and Narrow rectangles.  Support the illusion of depth with a darker fabric in the squares at the bottom of the pile.

 Taffy Twists are tempting sweets illustrated in graphic "twists and turns."  Choose a simple repetitive setting with complex fabric, as shown in the Baby, or stagger the layout with simpler fabric, as show in the Throw.

Market Values is created from four pairs of fabrics.  It relies on value to create an asymmetric plaid.  It is a quick quilt to cut and to sew.

Supper Club is a successful modern recipe featuring either strip pieced fat quarters of analogous colors or a fresh large scale print.  Sizes included are Child, Throw and Full/Queen plus a Bonus Table Runner.  Take your seat and enjoy the delicious menu!

Cheddar, No Crackers features random squares plated on a nondirectional background. Tasty tidbits add focus and interest.  Place your order using either precuts (5" squares for Wall/Baby and Lap or 10" squares you cut down for Queen/King).

TV Dinner sets a retro table with graphic trays from 5" precuts or your own fresh modern fabric.  Add a spicy accent and a tempting large scale print.  Child, Throw and Full/Queen sizes.

Nibbles features five delicious tastes in each asymmetrical block.  The border has additional little bites.  Quilting can be featured in the large negative spaces.  Written for jelly rolls, fat quarters or 1/4 yard cuts.  Baby/Wall, Lap and Queen/King sizes included.

Modern Pickle Relish reflects a contemporary valued mosaic of squares and rectangles. The gridded recipe allows the sophisticated design to be executed simply.  Crib, Throw and Queen sizes included.

Bowtie Pasta with a Twist is a modern reinterpretation of farfalle pasta.  The accent "twist" is created using a standard ruler.  The visually effective block is tasty with novelty, batik and modern fabrics.  Child, Lap, Full/Queen and King sizes included.

Brioche and Baguette has rectangular Baguettes that can feature large scale prints and Brioche squares to serve as their flavorful accompaniments.  The Crib quilt is especially fun for new sewers.  Crib, Throw, Full/Queen sizes included.  

Leftovers can be made from a variety of ingredients.  Use those enticing fat quarter bundles or repurpose some leftovers to create your modern take on plaid.  Or try using a fun print for the nondirectional background mixed with contrasting solids for an alternative treat.    Negative spaces can showcase quilting.  Great transitional quilt--from traditional to modern.  Child, Throw and Full/Queen included.     

Flatbread uses four values of rectangular shapes to create transparency and a distinctive modern flavor.  It is delicious with contemporary prints, batiks and solids.  Throw, Queen and Table Runner included.