Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Value, Contrast, and Transparency Workshops from Modern Quilt Relish

Marny here...our two upcoming January workshops for the Des Moines Area Quilt Guild have us excited!

The first one, a Value and Contrast Workshop
will be held on Wednesday January 27th from 9-4.

We plan to discuss how value and contrast play a key role in our modern aesthetic. The full day workshop will be spent exploring properties of value, balance and negative space. Following two block recipes from our book, Quilts du Jour, we’ll analyze choices and create placement strategies with both solid and print fabrics in 3 projects.  First, Crudites blocks in a runner, second, Salsa blocks in a pillow top, and third, using prints to make Salsa blocks for a baby quilt. New alternative (bonus) settings to complete the in class block/table runner projects included in the workshop!

The second workshop focuses on Color and Value Transparencies
It will take place Thursday, January 28th from 9-4. 

Transparency often delivers a taste of the unexpected. It gives added dimension and sophistication to your designs. We plan to discuss color and value transparencies and how they apply to modern graphics and fabrics. We’ll illustrate transparency both within a block and how to create implied overlaps/intersections in quilt design.  

Following two block recipes in Quilts du Jour, we’ll analyze choices and create placement strategies with solid fabrics. The goal is to finish a table square (Crispy Wonton block) and a pillow top (Sushi block)!

Hope to see some of you nearby DMAQG members in the workshops!! We'd love to bring these workshops/lectures to other guilds and shops. Let us know if you're interested!

Till Tuesday... 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wish I'd had the Hot Hemmer then!

Marny here...we saw a new tool at Quilt Market that would have been super helpful for the curtain panel hemming project that follows. It is called the Hot Hemmer; invented by Joan Hawley and manufactured by Clover. 
Screen shot taken on the Clover site.

Find out more about it and watch the video here! I'm picking mine up at the Quilting Connection later today, that is if they haven't sold out already.
Don't you just love IKEA? They have these lovely panels that provide some privacy yet still allow light and air movement. But they are really LONG.

Lines following an organic trail in an all over design. They really are pretty.

Using my huge cutting mat and large rulers should enable me to cut to size at my house. Remaining fabrics were then turned into curtains for basement windows!
I left enough for a hem similar to the hems at the sides of the panels.
Hems will be pressed and sewn on site at my daughter's home.

Cozying up an already perfect space!

The cat looks happy!
Till Tuesday...

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Third Time Charm?

jill here....  I just love making baby quilts.  Not only is it fun to celebrate a new arrival but because of their size, baby quilts usually come together quickly.  Market Values sews up in almost no time; the fabric selection is the more challenging aspect.  My constraints were that I would use "stash" fabric and a girl recipient (mom wanted soft colors).

In my stash, there was lots of the large scale saturated pastel floral print (previously used in Cheddar, No Crackers).  That was my start for fun and girlie.  Next was the stripe and an aqua that looked good with it.  I added in some very soft grey. a cute dot and decided pink would be appropriate.  I could only come up with 6 fabrics rather than the prescribed 8 so decided to repeat (actually not at all a problem). Below is the outcome.

The pink just seemed overwhelming!
Too bright!
So I slept on it. The next morning, I ripped out the center section .  I decided a different value of aqua was the best solution and found a cut dot that was enough value change make the transparency believable.
The aqua was better than the pink but created
the appearance of five separate sections.
Too much value change...try again...
The position of the little dot with the
larger scaled print works well. 
 The third attempt....

This middle aqua section is not as dominant
and therefore reads more as a whole unit.
The little dot placed on the light aqua and the stripe placed
on the darker aqua would have been a better value balance.
Sometimes done is good and cute enough!  Which one will I quilt?  'Till next Tuesday...

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wednesday, Really

jill here... yesterday was maybe the first Tuesday in over 5 years that we didn't post.  I know, you were all waiting on pins and needles.  It was just one of those days were creativity and inspiration eluded me. So decided to postpone but nothing mind blowing has occurred.

This beautiful November afternoon,  I took a walk.  Two glowing ginkgo trees were in their glory.  I altered my usual route to observe the ISU band practice. The musicians were practicing in their specific instrumental sections, preparing to find harmony as a group. What a fun activity on a beautiful autumn day.  As I walked past the field, a car drove by and a student shouted (and in a not very admirable way) "Hey Grandma"!

Lucky me!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Houston Market Finale

jill here...  just getting ready to head back to Iowa.  It was a fun market and even more fun for get it all packed up in just two suitcases and be out of the mayhem in record time.  A great burger, a glass of wine and we're ready for travel early in the morning.

We met so many nice contacts and customers.  Our main goal was just to promote our book and that we did!  Hardly knew how to ring up a sale of our patterns...pathetic.   Back home tomorrow where there is no threat of hurricanes and the pumpkins are awaiting a seasonal celebration!

Our booth of Quilts du Jour samples.

Lines of  fans forming for our book signing!

It was fun to greet quilters and sign books at the C & T booth.
 'Till next Tuesday....

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tables filled with pillows and quilts from Quilts du Jour!
Marny here...
Last night Jill and I presented a Trunk Show at the Fabricators meeting.  Check out their public Facebook post and pictures of the event here. We want to thank them for inviting us! The members and their guests were so warm and welcoming! We had a blast!
Sushi (foreground and It's a Wrap blocks and their respective quilts!
Celery Sticks (foreground) and Crispy Wonton blocks and their quilts!

Salsa (upper) and Crudites blocks and their quilts.

We had fun sharing the pillows and quilts! We really love doing Trunk Shows! Again, thank you to the Fabricators.
Till Tuesday...

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Quilts du Jour Mise en Place

 jill here...Perhaps you have heard the term 'mise en place' as it pertains to kitchen ingredients.  We debated on whether to use the term in our book but since most of us don't have command of the French language we chose the term 'prep the ingredients'.  Either way, we're getting our ingredients in order for our upcoming social engagements!

Firstly, we have our inaugural book signing at the Ames' Quilting Connection! We'll be there from 1-3 pm this Saturday, October 17th.  The Q.C. is our former stomping grounds so we look forward to seeing friends and customers and introducing our newest designs.  Most all of the Quilts du Jour projects will be displayed through this week.  Please join us!

On Monday evening, October 19th, we're presenting the quilts to the Fabricators Quilt Guild (based in Gilbert, Iowa).  April West, our long arm quilter, will also discuss the featured quilting designs. The Fabricators meet at 7 pm in the Gilbert Lutheran Church on School Street, Gilbert.  A $5.00 donation is requested for non-members.

And just before International Quilt Market, the end of next week, we will present at Schoolhouse.  It's a classroom opportunity to share our featured quilts and describe how retailer's can best use our book.  We'll show the chapters on Appetizers ( 6 blocks), Tasting Menu, Settings Menu and Desserts!
The blocks work well for a Block of the Month with lots of teaching options for easy to more complex projects.
The first block in the Appetizer Menu...

Make the Crudites blocks into the
quilt Antipasto Platter from the Tasting Menu....

Make the Crudites blocks and set it
into your own desired size and layout....

This menu has options galore to create your own....

Or make the Crudetes blocks into
this Tempting Turnovers quilt
from the Dessert Menu!

Hope we can connect at one of these upcoming venues!  Otherwise, 'till next Tuesday....