Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dinner Plates Revisited (quilt along free pattern)

Marny here...
Remember our Dinner Plates Quilt Along?  (You can click on "Dinner Plates" in the Labels column and get all the instructions.)
Dinner Plates throw

Dinner Plates, Queen size.  See at least it is quilted and bound!

April West volunteered to demonstrate the techniques to interested members of the Fabricators quilt guild a few Saturdays ago.  You may remember April is our long arm quilter.  She is also, no surprise, a wonderful piecer and teacher.  Her advice is definitely worth following (or at least trying)!

I was able to go for just a bit and get a look at a few fabric choices and listen to the beginning of her presentation.

Showing how to fold the fabric squares for cutting.
(As an aside, note the table lifted higher on bed risers.)

Showing how to use Cheryl Phillips Cut A Round Ruler

Sharing other circle ideas.  Some use inset circles (like Dinner Plates), others use appliqu├ęd circles, and still others use Drunkard's Path rulers.

At the sewing machine.  It was interesting that April does not use the needle down option for this.
She likes to let the curve flow smoothly.
One pile of squares ready to cut into circles and backgrounds.

Another set of squares all set to go.

Margie with another grouping and a print out of the original Dinner Plate directions from the blog.

Susan's got a lot of choices from a large fat quarter bundle she happily snared a while ago.

Margie's quilt underway.  The folded fabric squares will become circles.

Susan's quilt top is taking shape.  Again the folded squares of fabric will become circles.
April is making another quilt to donate from the circles leftover from cutting the background pieces in her first version and some more yardage for new backgrounds.  Confusing yes, but ever so practical.  Note her original quilt is lying at the bottom of this picture.

Remember her earlier quilt we blogged about.

A second look at her yummy quilting.
Thank you for letting me come and watch and for letting me share!

Till Tuesday...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

...In the small picture

jill here....Perhaps you have noticed that there is a photograph in the right hand corner of our blog site.  The story was a fun one, in spite of our reticence.

When we started our business, we exercised the ownership.  Not only did we keep the budget under control but we learned from our experiences.  Photographing quilts can be challenging...the right light, no wind, tripods, design boards, camera adjustments!  In the past, we have enlisted the help of our husbands.  To get us all on board for personal photos (and then for us to look good) was an extraordinary request!  So, we deferred to a professional photographer, a friend for many years, Jacqueline's Photography.

We headed off to Jackie's studio armed with quilts and clothing changes.  I grabbed my camera for a blog opportunity!
Jackie and  her assistant, Allie, sorted through a pile of quilts.

This was the scene with great north and east exposure.

Marny in position....

With just a few adjustments.....

Jackie finding just the right position too.

We had to keep laughing through the unique poses.

They assured us it would work!

Jackie and Allie, armed and not so dangerous.

Two days later, we viewed the results of an experience that was way more fun than anticipated.    Now we have  a little stash of professional photographs when the need arises.  Thanks Jackie and Allie!

'Till next Tuesday.....

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Modern Quilt Relish Valentine for You!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

The watermark on the heart creation is a bit hard to decipher as pictured above.  We want you to know the photo display was created using Shape Collage.   Watch their video/tutorial to find out more!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Seeing things to completion!

Marny here,
We are tying up some loose ends around the Modern Quilt Relish studios.

First, remember when we told you about this Market Values quilt we stitched up for Heidi Kaisand and her store Hen and Chicks Studio.  April was kind enough to send a pick when she visited and saw it up on the wall.  Doesn't it look wonderful quilted and bound!  (The quilter did a wonderful job, wish we could credit her but we do not know her name.)  (Just found out her name is Kelly Van Vliet.  Thanks April for the info.)   The fabrics were all at Heidi's so if you want to explore the possibility of a kit give them a call!

We also get to wrap up the Jennifer Moore's Monaluna Taali version of Supper Club and send it on its way to California.  Her fabric designs are so special.  Perfect for a Modern Baby.   Enjoy looking at her blog and her website.
Here it is all spread out.  Sorry about the fold lines.  The binding has been on for a couple of weeks but the quilt has been folded on a shelf patiently waiting for a label.

Close up of the quilting lines.

Label just about ready to be sewn to the back of the quilt.  We use Printed Treasures fabric sheets.    They work great and we can print straight from the computer using a regular printer.  The labels are simple and functional.
Enjoy February!  Valentine's is just around the corner.  I hope to put together some homemade gifts before the next post.  Uh oh!  Now I've done it.  An audience and a deadline.  Yikes...
Till Tuesday...