Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More Picnic, our new modern quilting book.

We are heading to Fall Quilt Market in Houston.  The lists have been made, the quilts have been gathered, the packing has started and the loading remains.  The drive is almost peaceful after the hectic schedule we keep readying ourselves for our Schoolhouse presentation, and Quilt Market itself.  We have vowed to see more of Market, get out of our booth, and see all the fabric due for release.  We'll see...

Our booth is 214 if any of you can stop by and say hello!  (We only do Market not Festival.)  We are located on the quilt show end of the convention center.

Hopefully we'll arrive early each day and scope out all there is to be seen-especially the wonderful quilts.

We hope to post here, Facebook and Pinterest!  Check it out if you get the chance.

The back of the post card you saw last week is shown below.
Three of the projects included in Picnic.  Lindsey Buck did the symbols/icons and diagrams included in our book.  Aren't the little icons you see here wonderful? Above from left to right, spoons for scale, relish jars (get it?) showing transparency, and a steaming bowl of simple shapes.  Fun design information is presented throughout Picnic.
Houston here we come!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Peek Look at Picnic, our new modern quilting book

Marny here...
Hi everyone!  
Please take a peek at our newest project.  We've got a book underway!  We're calling it Picnic. These days are super busy, super exciting, super overwhelming.  We'll be sharing more in future posts, but for now we leave you with the postcard we've designed for distribution at Quilt Market next week.     

We will return to adding Sliced Bread movies once we settle back in after Market.  There just are not enough hours in a day!
So, till Tuesday...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fourth Video Free Sliced Bread Pattern

Marny here....

And the winner of the Robert Kaufman set of Stockholm fat quarters is Amy for her entry submitted on our facebook page. Amy please email us an address and we can get the fat quarters heading your way!

All the photos posted to our Modern Quilt Relish Facebook were really interesting.  Thank you for taking the time to participate in that way.  And we are always grateful for comments here on the blog!
Printable Sliced Bread Pattern 
Below we have the Fourth Video for the Free Printable Sliced Bread Pattern.  If you haven't been following you can get all the information in the Label column to the right of the post by clicking the label Sliced Bread.

This little video covers making the rows, Steps 4-6 in the instructions.  Really fast video, really fast quilt.

And just maybe I've conquered the narrow vertical format we'd been experiencing.  Thank you to a kind reader pointing it out to me, I discovered with a little help that just turning my iPhone horizontally solved the problem.  (Hopefully that is, you never  know until the post is actually up and running.)

I'd like to share a little more news too.

Sunday I completed my first 5K, the Run for the Roses, jogging all 3.1 miles!  It is an annual fundraiser that benefits research/treatment of arthritis.  In past years walking or walking/jogging has satisfied me.
A sudden desire to be able to run came over me after years of avoiding it.  I spent the past 9 weeks doing a 5K Runner:0 to 5K run training.  I got the app for my iPhone and started at the beginning and went through to the end.  Lo and behold I can jog a 5K as promised.  To be truthful I am not a couch potato, I have stayed active, do the elliptical, walk, play tennis and spend two hours a week lifting weights.  On the other hand I am no longer young! :-)  Now I should find something to improve the pace of my jogging.  I bet all I have to do is go looking for another app.  Got to love the iPhone or other smart phones!

What are some of your favorite apps?  It is fun to hear how others use their phones.

Till Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Construction Zone Continues

jill here.....We're still under construction, working hard to get quilts photographed.  I enjoyed  a quick visit to Washington DC where I love to look at architecture.   Of course, there are many famous and stately government buildings but even the "regular" neighborhoods are interesting. Century old row houses are transitioned into modern!  This one caught my eye.  In Iowa we have barn quilts; this is the first modern transparency I've seen in the city.  WOW!   Must be an artist living there!

If you zoom in, you will see to the right side of the center windows,
the brick work is exposed in its original color.
Such a subtle touch connecting the old with the  fresh paint.

Check out the brick along the corners and the top.
A fantastic detail that all the ''''row" has in common.

So just like a parent who is short on time, I will bribe you with a request.  Send me a specific site that inspires "modern" (one chance).  If you share a photo on our facebook site, you'll receive two chances for these 8 fat quarters of Robin Zingone's for Robert Kaufmann "Stockholm".  The drawing will be totally random...doesn't matter if you've won before (like I would remember)!

Have a great day, enjoy the beauty of the season.  Check back next Tuesday for another video!