Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nibbles Nouveau: Modern Quilt in Contemporary Fabric

jill here...Last week, April finished quilting two quilts and a table runner for us.  Marny showed you the new Flatbread with the modern print as the focus.  

We've admired Marcia Derse Fiber  and it was fun to meet her at quilt market. She has created many fabric collections for Troy Fabrics that have that hand dyed appearance.  The textures, patterns and colors are exciting and contemporary.

We chose 10 fat quarters in a variety of color and textures.
We aimed for different values and colors in blue, red violet, gold with a punch of chartreuse.
Note the aqua stripe: attention seeking by virtue of  its light value and bold pattern.

The background of misty taupe acts a perfect backdrop
to feature the square pops of color,
repeated in the inner border and binding

The pantograph is named "Geometric Squares".
It's a great combination of soft edged squares
with just a little central curve to create the rhythm.
Ah, the back:  I'll call it "Out of Square".

Just need some time to sit and relax!
Certainly don't need the quilt to keep  warm.....
until winter arrives.

'Till next Tuesday.....

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Urbanicity Fabric + Flatbread Pattern = Recipe for new Modern Quilt Relish Sample

 Marny here... a tasty recipe for a new Modern Quilt Relish Flatbread sample.
Begin with our Flatbread Pattern.  Then mix in some well designed fabric in four values.
Benartex Urbancity by Michele D'Amore.  Great fabric.  See the light, medium light, medium and dark.  Stone Texture Cream, Plaid Grey, Big Flower Black, and Scribbles Grey and Black

Look at April's awesome quilting--a great addition to the surface of the quilt.

Here is the completed Flatbread project, quilted and bound and ready to be seen!!

Speaking of binding, you might want to follow along below.  There is a fun tip at the end.

Our newest throw size sample of our pattern Flatbread trimmed and ready to bind.
2 1/2" strips cut for binding.
Strips joined with a diagonal seam.

Yards of strips joined needing trimming.

Timmed using quarter inch marking on ruler.

Press the diagonal seams open gently.

Press right sides together along the length of the binding.

Roll up the binding and put in a resealable bag to keep it under control while stitching it to your quilt top.  
Thank you to all of you that donated to Operation Kivu.  It is all so appreciated.  Hope you won prizes, I know you did good!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Action Kivu, Last Day

We heard from Alissa last night.  It is not too late to donate.  Please take a look and pass the link on if you can on your own Facebook, tweets, pinterest, blogs.  Every dollar is appreciated. 

"I wanted to let you all know that we're extending the fundraiser for one day, through tomorrow (Monday the 20th), so that we can get a little bit closer to our goal.  This fundraiser is the bread and butter for Action Kivu to keep running all year long, so even an extra few hundred dollars really makes a difference for them.  We'll keep the giveaways open until midnight, pacific time, tomorrow.

If you could take a minute tomorrow (the 20th) to tweet, post on Facebook or just generally spread the word, however you see fit, that would be wonderful.  Just let people know that it's the final day to give and be in the running for the amazing prizes...

The direct link to post around is:

Thank you again for all of your support!  Together we truly make a difference for these woman and children, so thank you!!"

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Action Kivu, chance to win all 14 Modern Quilt Relish patterns

Check out Alissa's blog, Handmade by Alissa, to see how you could win all of our patterns.  Two chances!
Thank you in advance for any donation you might make to Action Kivu.  Take a look and give to a wonderful effort!
Your opportunity to support Action Kivu!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

QuiltCon and Modern Quilt Relish

Marny here...check it out!  We are going to be part of QuiltCon!  We have placed a button in the right sidebar to help you explore a bit!  
Look at this wonderful set of Kona Cottons Robert Kaufman generously shared with us.  
Like candy for these modern quilters!
QuiltCon colors all lined up.  We thought we would dive in and come up with a few new ideas!  From bottom to top, Medium Grey, Buttercup, Coal, Chartreuse, Tangerine, Cyan, Candy Green, Lime, School Bus, Azure.
This picture does not do the collection of Kona Cottons justice.  It is such a happy fan of solids.  I wish I could wear the yardage in some fabulous color blocked clothes!
Oh wait, that gives me an idea.  Bells are going off.

We are often asked what inspires us.  How do we come up with ideas?   Wish there was an easy answer.  Sometimes it is the confluence of dissimilar elements.  Let me give you an example of the coming together of inspirational sources that took place today.

Take the Robert Kaufman Kona Colors spread out above 
and the little color keys I made to be sure we listed and organized everything for future ordering,  

Add to these the emailed ad I received from Gap today.

Look at the colors, shadows, spacing, lettering in this Gap ad!  
Mix the ideas with a pillow I remembered from a very recent CB2 catalogue.
cb2 Ragusa pillow.  Colors and neutrals!

And what will I get?
My head is spinning with the possibilities.  It might result in nothing or maybe, just maybe, I am on to something.  Patience is all part of this.  We'll see where it goes.  I am excited to play with the fabrics tomorrow, or as soon as possible.  (That is as long as distractions don't push it to the back burner.)  And to be honest with you, this is not where our designing focus is at the moment.  There are other exciting ideas evolving on our design walls.  But it is best to explore design possibilities when the urge hits you!!!

Let me leave you with something different and oh so charming. 
Lindsey's handknit cashmere mouse following a Rebecca Danger pattern.  The instructions are referred to on Ravelry.  (Some of you might have seen this happy mouse when I posted it to Facebook.)
Too fun not to include it for you all to see.  Some lucky baby!
Till Tuesday!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Modern Pickled Puzzle Reappears

jill here...more about process.  If you have  previously followed our blog,  you may know that we took a process pledge on Rossie's site.  I'll explain my thought process in adapting these fabrics to fit the pattern. The idea behind this version of Modern Pickle Relish was using a collection (mostly) that featured a large scale print.  This was a collection  called "Soiree" 2008 RJR Fabrics.  I love the large scale floral for the colors and the large amount of white background.  I think it is a perfect example of  "less is more"; where just small amounts of fabric are featured to make a big statement.
Starting out, I cut squares or rectangles as specified in the pattern instructions. The floral was considered the lightest value, followed by the yellow gold, then the red and the black stripe.  There was a great little geometric print that I loved but I eliminated because it was too close in value to the floral and  it confused the intended focus. I was left with four values, a different number from the pattern.  Okay, I'm  making up new rules.  I placed them on my design wall with a large piece of the background.  The background is "New London" by Faye Burgos for Marcus Bothers.

This is a mock up with four values placed in their intended order.
There was a large discrepancy between the white background
and the darkest value.  It seemed to heavy on the outside.

I mixed in more of the focus fabric and eliminated some of the darkest.
I distributed the values for an overall, more balanced  but still
asymmetric pattern.

This arrangement is fine tuned; turning and rearranging just a little.

Final sewn arrangement.
Back side is a perfect place to show the floral in it's intended version.

Quilted in an overall large scale organic swirl.
Modern Pickle Relish:  a fun puzzle!

'Till next Tuesday...