Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Zesty Market Values by Benartex

jill here....Market Values is a fun pattern that goes together quickly...once the value decisions have been made.   Occasionally, there is some "unsewing" when the values aren't quite right.  So was this case in point:  the large scale yellow overlaying the light grey was a better second choice.  The original stripe (love stripes) was too busy and value confusing.  It found a happy home in the backing. 

Modern Quilt Relish's Market Values in Zest (Kanvas) by Benartex 

Quilted with "Nouveau Feathers" by April West.
This fabric has a pearlescent finish for a wonderful luster. It pressed and sewed beautifully. The grays, blacks and yellows illustrated in fun geometrics, florals and stripes are eye candy.

This is the throw size but it's darn cute in a baby size (comes queen, too).
The quilt is hung horizontally for photography purposes.

Backings are the greatest way to feature the leftovers!
Hope your autumn starts out golden!  Later, on Tuesday....

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Interaction of Color App!!!

Screen shot of online article in Yale Alumni Magazine.  It can be found here.  

Marny here...Last week Jane shared a page from her Yale Alumni Magazine with me.  Yale introduces an "interactive" version of Joseph Albers's Interaction of Color!!!  It started out innocently enough, but believe me, after pursuing the app discussed, exploring the free introduction to the app, and then purchasing the app it is has become an addictive and wonderful addition to my iPad. 

If you go to this site, (again from Yale University) prepare to be dazzled.   You can watch the trailer with the icon in upper right of the page, or by clicking on the movie at the bottom of the page.  The main graphic in the center has circles to press or arrows to advance or return so that you can see a few pages of the app.  Of course you iPad owners out there can see and try through your app store.

You can learn much more about Josef Albers following the next two links.  You find out a great deal about him in the app itself, of course, but this background information provides a framework.

In brief , Joseph Albers's Interaction of Color (and the app) explores color and how colors interact with one another, how each of us perceives color differently and what to do with this knowledge.  He used paper for his process.  With the app we can use digital tools.  It is great fun and, may I say, eye opening!!  Transparency abounds. Plus, hours of video accompany the chapters.

On the Modern Quilt Relish front, we are once again busy getting our two newest patterns ready to send to the printer.  The covers are done, the quilts are completed and the patterns themselves are nearing the completion mark on the computer.  We'll be sharing them as soon as we can!  It will be fun to let you see them!

Till Tuesday....

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Modernizing Curtiss Hall

jill here.... Iowa State University is just a hill over from us. I love walking through the maze of buildings and landscapes. Signs of autumn abound: the band is practicing, leaves are starting to fall and students are darting in every direction.  And there is a new art installation on campus that is worth sharing!

Stately Curtiss Hall, over a century old, resides on the
east side of the ISU central campus.

The hall is home for the
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

As you enter up the many steps to the second floor,
the rotunda  welcomes with a source of
light and drama.

The floors are typical terrazzo. Inlays of
mosaic geometrics outline  the circular atrium.

The brass railings display  an occasional
"Iowa State College" monogram.
This is the fantastic terrazzo floor  surprise,
designed by Julie W Chang!

...looking down from 3rd floor.
I was not able to find an artist's statement as the floor has only recently been installed.  The dedication will soon follow.  I too, will follow with more information.

For me, it is a wonderful combination of organic and geometric shapes.  The balance of modern warm and cool colors, light and dark values, set on a "white" background displays great radial movement.  It tells a story of who lives here.  I love it.

....from the first floor.

Transparency at it's finest!

The intersections make it so interesting....
...and so complex.

What do you think the fan shape signifies?
Don't you love the use of the hexagons?
Is it a bug inlaid in gold?
Here's a link to a video so you can view the actual installation.

Thanks to Iowa State University for this fantastic installation.  Now if they would just paint their door aqua it would be perfect.  I'll have to email them.  'Till next Tuesday....

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Paper, fabric and pencils, oh my!

Marny here...just a little bit of sharing this post.  Jill has given me a couple of things this week that I want to show to you all.  First, a special birthday card!

Look at these sweet little pieced blocks made from Carolyn Friedlander's Architextures.  Note Jill used a range of values, from dark to light, explored proportions, and had fun!  These are only 1 3/4" square.  Then she "quilted" them onto a card.  I like how the card looks against the cement.

But I also love how it looks in the "jungle".  The setting gives a different vibe to the subject matter, doesn't it.

Then I just have to share these Derwent Inktense pencils Jill gave me.  You draw or scribble with them like a pencil, then wash the pigment with a wet brush, leaving a permanent ink like effect.  You can use them on fabric, which means you can use them for quilting!  There is a non soluble "outliner" included too.  And white.  They can be gone over again once dry to layer colors and highlights and shadows.  So much to play with.  
So here was my first little experiment.  I chose what kind of followed the colors in the Architextures fabric.  The tip of the pencil is different from the color that results due to the nature of pigment/ink. 
A little wash of water.

Look how vibrant the colors are!

Playing with tones and value.

Now the more saturated and lighter is over the toned and darker.

Happy little trail.

Used the outliner here and filled in with pencil, then washed.  See the outline pencil is not soluble so it stays put.  I have always loved the look of pencil and watercolor.  The permanent ink wash here is so easy and the results are inspiring.
Thank you Jill!!

Till Tuesday...