Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Zesty Market Values by Benartex

jill here....Market Values is a fun pattern that goes together quickly...once the value decisions have been made.   Occasionally, there is some "unsewing" when the values aren't quite right.  So was this case in point:  the large scale yellow overlaying the light grey was a better second choice.  The original stripe (love stripes) was too busy and value confusing.  It found a happy home in the backing. 

Modern Quilt Relish's Market Values in Zest (Kanvas) by Benartex 

Quilted with "Nouveau Feathers" by April West.
This fabric has a pearlescent finish for a wonderful luster. It pressed and sewed beautifully. The grays, blacks and yellows illustrated in fun geometrics, florals and stripes are eye candy.

This is the throw size but it's darn cute in a baby size (comes queen, too).
The quilt is hung horizontally for photography purposes.

Backings are the greatest way to feature the leftovers!
Hope your autumn starts out golden!  Later, on Tuesday....

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  1. The sideways version isn't too bad - took me a minute to figure out why the first picture looked "different." Gorgeous line of fabric for this pattern! Great job!


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