Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Quilt National 2013

Post card for Quilt National '13 
Marny here...this post is a note of thanks for two special friends, Jill and Jane.  They concocted a happy birthday celebration for me.  Can you guess?  Yes, a trip to St. Louis to visit Quilt National.  I learned of the plan in August and have happily anticipated it since.  

As with most events, it is all in the planning.  A great hotel, a fun dinner (thank you for the recommendation Ann!), and a fabulous show in a lovely venue contributed to the success of the getaway.  Just as important, though, were the impromptu little joys that came along.  We discovered an absolutely delightful coffee house along the route and shared a silly but entertaining movie in the hotel.  AND a made time for a trip to a wonderful quilt shop.  The Quilted Fox was a unique and friendly store. It was also full of great fabric, which, of course, we had to see in detail and purchase in quantity! The trip was a fantastic gift, many thanks to you both!!!

Back of post card, simply full of information if you are interested.
Now for Quilt National '13 itself.  This is the third pilgrimage we've made to see the special show.  This year the organizers chose a different venue.  The St. Louis University Museum of Art was easy to find, easy to park, had a friendly staff and a fantastic permanent collection to boot!  

We were not allowed to take pictures of the pieces in Quilt National.  In lieu of that let me share Paula Kovarik's post for you to click on to get an idea of the gallery space and some pieces.  (Thank you Penny for providing this source.)  You can find other interesting tidbits on her site.

All the pieces are worthy of discussion, creative and many are intellectually challenging as well.  I tend to gravitate to the "beautiful" ones, of course I am speaking of what is beautiful to me personally.

Since I can't show the Quilt National entries here are some websites from quilt/fiber artists.  Many had QR codes on their information cards so I snared those on my phone to share.

Quilt National is an amazing experience.  All three portions of the show are in St. Louis.  If you are near enough, head on over.  Don't skip the Missouri textile artists show in the same museum and visit a bit of the permanent collection.  They have a great gallery of 20th Century drawings.  For this old Art History student it was fantastic!!

till Tuesday....


  1. What a wonderful birthday celebration! I had hoped to get to Quilt National this summer, but never made it - maybe next time :)

  2. Marny, how amazing! Thank you for sharing links and for the inspiration!


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