Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Market Connections

jill here...Vending at market for the first time is an unusual experience in that one needs to stay put to meet potential customers!  Previously, as a part of a retail group, one wanted to cover as much ground as humanly possible.  Two very different creatures.  But eventually, nature called and I was forced out into the world of visual overload.  It was hard to take it in, not knowing what I was after.  On one of my expeditions, I discovered this wonderful booth.  It caught my eye as it was minimalist, very creative and of course, PURSES!

Purses hung and labeled with grommets and carabiners  - on a white background.

Jen Giddons is a student of interior design, no surprise.

This is Jen, who so graciously allowed me to photograph her booth.
Check out her website and blog.

On Sunday, as we were sitting, guarding our patterns, this very energenic shopper stopped by.  She greeted us with a very positive welcome (like I like your quilts) and then scoped out the booth.  Her next comment was to the effect of "Why haven't I seen your patterns before?" My eyes picked up on the Pink Chalk Fabrics below her name.  Well, we had initially sent her a complimentary packet.... We laughed, had a great conversation and received some valuable feedback.  Now Pink Chalk Fabrics
carries nine of our ten patterns.  (For those who do not know, this is a great online store based on Bainbridge Island in the state of Washington.  Beautiful place, by the way.)  You can see our patterns here and order the appropriate yardage of her wonderful lines of fabric at the same time.  Thank you Kathy Mack.

Kathy from Pink Chalk Fabrics.

The most rewarding aspect of market is to meet the retailers on the other side.  They are all trying to find what is new and beautiful to encourage their customers.  We hope we can support them with a fresh, fun aesthetic.

Marny here...working on a new format for this blog.  Changes will start taking place today.  One such change will be our online pattern shop moving to its own page.  You will be able to access it, and other bits of information, by clicking on the appropriate box underneath the Modern Quilt Relish header.  Our four new patterns will be there too!  I've been organizing lots of the information resulting from Spring Quilt Market.  Soon we should have a list of stores carrying our patterns.  They are now in the US, Canada, France and Germany.  Our acceptance in the Modern Quilting world has been very exciting for us.  More announcements to come.

Till Tuesday....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Modern Quilts Spring Up

jill here....The change in views during our week in Salt Lake City was noteworthy.  When we left Ames, the leaves on the trees were just opening.  A week later, the plains and hillsides seemed to have exploded with that deeper green. Amazing what rain, warmth and sunshine can stimulate.  So when we arrived home, we just had to do some dirt digging.....cross training with flowers!

Why is it that what is on hand is never quite the right ratio?  Not enough flowers so you go for more, then you run out of soil, need an additional pot or two.  Don't forget the fertilizer and then there is the perpetual watering.  What a reward in a month or two...

While Marny is preparing the blog for our permanent pages (and pattern posting) I'll give you a brief description of our newest designs.  It will be your challenge to find the right quilt according to the description!  The quilts have options to be cut from fat quarters,  precuts or yardage.

Supper Club:  Named to celebrate dining together, this quilt appears in analogous colors set on white for a modern look.  The mosaic block is either strip pieced or a large scale print can be used for a quicker  result.  (The cute kid's quilt version is not visible from this photo so you'll have to wait.)

Cheddar, No Crackers:  Random squares are plated on a nondirectional background. There's a pattern, just disguised.  Little bits of cheese placed asymmetrically add focus and interest.  The baby version uses a large scale nondirectional print background with bright pastel blocks.

TV Dinner:  Five inch precuts set a retro table on a solid background.  Remember those frozen dinners that were a special treat?  Add a spicy accent and a tempting large scale print.  There is another version to the far bottom right of the photo utilizing fat quarters.

Nibbles:  Taste the five delicious nibbles in each asymmetrical block.  If you're still hungry, the border features additional bites.  Sewn from strip bundles, little glimpses of color or pattern pop out of the large negative spaces which are perfect for quilting.

Enjoy spring.  See you next Tuesday!

Monday, May 16, 2011

A taste of Spring Quilt Market

We will be blogging about Salt Lake City Quilt Market and showing our new patterns over the coming weeks.

Take a peek at booth set up (without pictures of Troy and his forklift.)
A work in progress...

We hung, we pulled down to present Schoolhouse, and rehung.

Getting closer.

Jill and Jeanne (our former boss and indispensable advisor!)

Marny adding more.

Initial chaos.

and more..

Booth central.

Right side of the booth

Shift to the left, done.
We had an absolutely wonderful adventure.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Final leg into Salt Lake City

Guess what we woke up to (and got to drive through for awhile...)

The road cooperated and dried off.

Then the sun came out and the distant mountains came into view.
Followed by the gorgeous mountains heading into Salt Lake City.

We are calling it a day.  It was a good day.  Our booth is making progress, tomorrow we will whip it into shape.
See you soon.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two views today

Bird watchers in Ogallala.

Sunset over the mountains outside Laramie.
Blame Amy, she wanted pictures.

Tomorrow, Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City here we come!

As you know we are soon to head to Salt Lake City to exhibit at Spring Quilt Market.  We are so excited.  Who know what we will see, who we will meet, or what will inspire us?  But we are eager to take it all on.

So we packed

and we packed

and we make sure we could see out.

We strapped those quilts in...

Soon we'll be off.
We hope to share photos from Quilt Market, but it might be more than we can accomplish.
See you next Tuesday...we are excited for what the week will bring. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild

Marny here...Don't you just love discovering something new and awesome?  Here are two such finds for me.

The first concerns The Modern Quilt Guild.  We have been watching it spread across the country and the world, city by city, hoping for some industrious Central Iowans to start up a guild nearby.  Lo and behold, guess what?  Des Moines is getting one!  Yeah.  Their first meeting is going to be Thursday, May 19th.  Go here to find out more.  I have joined their network, and it was very easy.  Can't wait to be part of the guild.  There is a Modern Quilt Guild "button" in our side bar now, too.  You can just click on that to head on over to their main site any time.

We are especially pleased to have been asked to judge a competition the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild is having.  What an honor for us!  Can't wait to see what these talented members are working on.

The second discovery is the High Trestle Trail, an absolutely amazing addition to Central Iowa.  Wow!  This "you gotta see."  I am so glad my husband had us participate in the grand opening events.
The details add beauty...a river bed of rocks?
Little gems set amongst the ordinary...

View from the western side of the bridge.

Walking towards the sculptural adventure....the artist is depicting going down one of the many mine shafts once in the area.  It does give you a real sense of descent.

Closer still...
The views of the Des Moines River are wonderful...
Go check out the beauty that is Iowa...
or the wonders of your own environment.  And while you are at it, check out the Modern Quilt Guild near you.  Till Tuesday...