Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Market Connections

jill here...Vending at market for the first time is an unusual experience in that one needs to stay put to meet potential customers!  Previously, as a part of a retail group, one wanted to cover as much ground as humanly possible.  Two very different creatures.  But eventually, nature called and I was forced out into the world of visual overload.  It was hard to take it in, not knowing what I was after.  On one of my expeditions, I discovered this wonderful booth.  It caught my eye as it was minimalist, very creative and of course, PURSES!

Purses hung and labeled with grommets and carabiners  - on a white background.

Jen Giddons is a student of interior design, no surprise.

This is Jen, who so graciously allowed me to photograph her booth.
Check out her website and blog.

On Sunday, as we were sitting, guarding our patterns, this very energenic shopper stopped by.  She greeted us with a very positive welcome (like I like your quilts) and then scoped out the booth.  Her next comment was to the effect of "Why haven't I seen your patterns before?" My eyes picked up on the Pink Chalk Fabrics below her name.  Well, we had initially sent her a complimentary packet.... We laughed, had a great conversation and received some valuable feedback.  Now Pink Chalk Fabrics
carries nine of our ten patterns.  (For those who do not know, this is a great online store based on Bainbridge Island in the state of Washington.  Beautiful place, by the way.)  You can see our patterns here and order the appropriate yardage of her wonderful lines of fabric at the same time.  Thank you Kathy Mack.

Kathy from Pink Chalk Fabrics.

The most rewarding aspect of market is to meet the retailers on the other side.  They are all trying to find what is new and beautiful to encourage their customers.  We hope we can support them with a fresh, fun aesthetic.

Marny here...working on a new format for this blog.  Changes will start taking place today.  One such change will be our online pattern shop moving to its own page.  You will be able to access it, and other bits of information, by clicking on the appropriate box underneath the Modern Quilt Relish header.  Our four new patterns will be there too!  I've been organizing lots of the information resulting from Spring Quilt Market.  Soon we should have a list of stores carrying our patterns.  They are now in the US, Canada, France and Germany.  Our acceptance in the Modern Quilting world has been very exciting for us.  More announcements to come.

Till Tuesday....


  1. Sounds like your Market trip was a big success. Congratulations!

  2. Love the photos you took of my booth! Thanks for the mention!


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