Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Third Video free Sliced Bread Pattern

Here is the third in our series of videos from the free printable Sliced Bread Pattern.  Click on the label in the right hand column for Sliced Bread Pattern and you can see the other posts and find the link to print the pattern.

Construction Zone / Sliced Bread Video to Follow

jill here...Good morning, Autumn.  We love the weather but its so much harder to get out of that warm comfortable bed.  And why is it that the flowers look better than ever?  Just happy to be out of all that heat, I guess!

We are deep in the throws of quilt construction and tech writing.  Nothing like a deadline.! My sewing room isn't the picture of organization!  Piles of fabric and scraps...

Ready to go to April for her special touch....

Some bound and ready for photography...

 Just a peek.

Video  #3 will be posted shortly so stay tuned.
Until later....

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sliced Bread from Modern Quilt Relish Video 2

We're debuting our second video in the series for the free printable pattern Sliced Bread.  Clearly we are still learning (very evident at the end of the video).  But as they say, you have to start somewhere.

Anyway, this video covers "two ruler" cutting skills.  There is a nice little demonstration on how to cut without having to flip fabric or rulers around.  Take a look!

You can click on the label Sliced Bread Free Quilt Pattern to get to the posts with all the directions for making the modern baby quilt.

Next week we'll be making a strip set and subcutting it into the correct segments for the quilt.

We've started a Pinterest Board for our videos.  Hopefully it will grow and, fingers crossed, become more professional.

We are hard at work sewing, designing and writing our next project.  Hopefully we can share more specifics soon.

Till Tuesday

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Easy Modern Baby Quilt Printable Recipe

Marny here...lots to share this week. 

First, please note our new look!  We are so excited to start showing it off.  We have to thank Lindsey, our logo designer, for translating our requests into a fresh, modern new look for Modern Quilt Relish.  You will be hearing a bit more about Lindsey in the coming months.  She is a wonderful designer with diverse experience and technological skills.

Lindsey can be reached at:

Also take a look to the right of the post to see our new "button".  You can grab it using the html code and put it on your blogs or just share the Modern Quilt Relish jar as you see fit.  In the future our buttons might have reasons, like quilt-a-longs, etc.  But for now it leads you back to our blog in general.

Now for the printable recipe of Sliced Bread as promised in last week's post.  You can just click on the link, scroll all the way to the very bottom of the page it sends you to and click on the "print page" option.  The pattern appears below as well.

We are also experimenting with video.  Here is one on choosing fabric for our Sliced Bread quilt.  The video will also be on YouTube.

Sliced Bread from Modern Quilt Relish

Sliced Bread, an easy modern baby quilt from Modern Quilt Relish.
It finishes 44" square.

We love the simplicity of this quilt.  Choose a lively Focus Fabric and a high contrast
Background or make the contrast more subtle.  The choice is yours!  Please note the
Background Fabric should be nondirectional.

Sliced Bread is a perfect quilt for less experienced quilters.  The number of seam
allowances from left to right is the same as the number from top to bottom.  So,
as long as your "quarter inch" seam allowance is consistent you should end up with
a square.  

All seams are pressed open.  WOF = width of fabric.  Remove selvages.
Fabric Requirements:  42" useable width
    Focus Fabric:  1 yard for both squares and binding  
(OR  5/8 yard for squares and 1/2 yard of a different fabric for binding)
    Nondirectional Background Fabric:  1 1/4 yard
 Backing:  2 1/8 yards pieced.  (One 54" piece and two 10" pieces sewn end to end,
 trimmed to 54" long and then seamed to the 54" piece.)
Cutting Instructions:
    Focus Fabric:  Cut three 6 1/2" x WOF strips.  
From one cut a total of four 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" squares.  Put aside the other two for strip sets.
Cut five 2 1/2" WOF strips for binding.
    Background Fabric:  Cut nine 4 1/2" x WOF strips.
        Strips 1 & 2:  Put aside to use in strip sets.
        Strips 3-7:  Cut each of these into a 4 1/2" x 36 1/2" rectangle.  Five total.  
(OR wait to cut these until you measure your completed pieced strips.)
        Strips 8 & 9:  Add leftovers from the above strips to create two strips 4 1/2" x 44 1/2".   
(Or you can wait until you measure your pieced quilt top and cut them that length.)  
Piecing Instructions:  Press all seams open.
Step 1.  Take one 6 1/2" x WOF strip of Focus Fabric and 
one 4 1/2" x WOF strip of Background.  Seam them together along their length.  

Step 2.  Cut this strip set into six units 6 1/2" x 10 1/2".  

Step 3.  Repeat Steps 1 and 2.  You will have twelve units total.
Step 4.  Following the orientation shown in the diagram, 
seam three of these units together.  

Step 5.  Add one 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" square of Focus Fabric as diagramed.

Step 6.  Repeat Steps 4 & 5 three more times.  You will have four pieced strips.
Step 7.  Seam a 4 1/2" x 36 1/2" strip of Background fabric to the top edge of 
each of these pieced strips.

Step 8.  Seam the units created in Step 7 together as seen below.

Step 9.  Seam the remaining 4 1/2" x 36 1/2" strip of Background to the bottom edge of this.
Step 10.  Seam one 4 1/2" x 44 1/2" strip of Background to the left edge and one 
to the right edge.

Step 12.  Quilt, Bind and Savor. 

Ignore the little "add comment" button immediately below this--it is an artifact I didn't know I'd copied and pasted into this post.  (Just when you think you've got it???)  If you'd like to comment do so in the regular way.  Till Tuesday...
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Announcing a Free, Easy Modern Baby Quilt Pattern Ahead, Pass it on!

Marny here...Baby showers are so much fun.  They are such a celebration!
You get to make amusing little decorations. 
Serve candy disguised as placecards
Share a meal with friends.

And the gifts are always so much fun to look at and explore.  Wonderful books, hand knit items, adorable clothes, stuffed animals and of course, baby quilts.
Sliced Bread Quilt completed and heading to a new home!
Among the UFO's discovered in my sewing room cleanup was a really simple, really cute baby quilt top I finished long ago.  (This has been shown unfinished in the past on our blog.)  I always loved this two fabric quilt with its open space and the simple repetition of shape.  The bubble fabric is so cheerful and features transparency!
As you can see it is a Free Spirit fabric.  Sadly, I don't think it is available any longer.

I took it (and three other baby quilt tops) to April.  She put a rush on it and I was able to bind and happily present it at a baby shower for the special mom to be!  (Hint, Jill is the special grandmother to be!)
Close up of active quilting and pieced binding on Sliced Bread Quilt

The pattern is such a clean design and is so doable and easy!  It occurred to me others would like a simple quilt ready to give to the next lucky baby coming their way.  So get ready.

We will be sharing printable instructions next Tuesday, September 11th.  Please pass the information on!  The more the merrier!  Share on Facebook and Pinterest and on your blogs and any other way you see fit.  Thank you!
Sliced Bread Quilt Free Printable Pattern coming soon to the Modern Quilt Relish blog. 
See you then.