Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Quilt Market Houston 2013

Marny here...

We tried posting on the road, but the post didn't load.  Here are just a few pictures.

Sure sign of arrival in the West!
Left side of the single Modern Quilt Relish booth at Houston Quilt Market 2013.  Lunch Boxes is the featured pattern on that wall.  You can see the black and white Child size, the green and orange Baby size, and the yellow and gray Throw.

More of the back wall of Picnic sampler and projects and a bit of the right wall with Cutlery quilts and a peek at Torte.  From left to right you can see a tiny bit of the Lunch Boxes runner, the new Flatbread table runner in solids,  a Torte runner with silk accents, and a cutlery runner with batiks, using a dark in the rectangles and a light as accents.

Now for a real look at the right wall.  Cutlery quilts in the corner of the booth and Torte quilts on the right.  
Enjoying the booth.  
More on Tuesday...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Two new patterns from Modern Quilt Relish

Marny here...

Our two new quilt patterns are modern, fresh and such fun to make.  

Here they are!

Cutlery from Modern Quilt Relish
The Cutlery pattern includes directions for four sizes: Runner, Baby, Throw and Queen.  You can use different fabrics in the larger rectangles, as you see above in the Throw, or choose just a single fabric as illustrated in the Baby.  The yardage chart includes both options.  Cutlery is great for fat quarters.  In fact a pile of solid fat quarters inspired the quilt design.  Scrappy binding uses up the accent fabric yardage.  No waste here!  We work hard to write the fabric amounts in a flexible fashion so you can use fat quarters, width of fabric quarter yards, etc.  And if you don't want scrappy binding we include that amount too.

Cutlery is a fast to cut, quick to piece well proportioned pattern.  It plays with a modern, horizontal place setting to give you sophisticated results!  Have fun picking out the accent fabrics for your "knives, forks and spoons".

Torte from Modern Quilt Relish
The second new pattern, Torte, also includes directions for four sizes: Runner, Child, Throw and Queen.  Torte allows you to cook up graphic horizontals with a select range of values or melt the flavors into a smooth blend.  It is really all about your fabric choices.  We've included a design discussion in the pattern interior to provide direction for you to create a recipe specific to your taste.  

Torte makes good use of fat quarters or width of fabric yardage.  Again we've made the fabric chart flexible to your choices.  The Torte design and construction is subtly sophisticated.  We love making it and getting to play with value and color and tints and tones, etc, etc.  It is such fun to see the outcome of the decisions you make along the way!

And now we're off to Houston...the patterns are available in our pattern shop, shipping starting October 31st!  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Blog excuses...

jill here.....Well it's still Tuesday!  Preparations for market at full speed ahead.

Charity blankets for DSM Modern Quilt Guild

Channel quilting a table runner....


Booth supplies...
Bed of quilts....
New brochure...
Well give you the low down next week before we hit the road.  'Till Tuesday....

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

AQS Show / Des Moines 2013

 jill here...Last week the American Quilter's Society Quilt Show came to Des Moines.  The event was filled with wonderful quilts and vendors galore.  The exhibition quilting was even more intricate and incredible than ever before.  The MasterPieces; Quilts of Inspiration was just that!   My personal favorite exhibit was COLORPLAY:  Interternational Quilt Challenge.  It was unexpected, unique and absolutely beautiful.  The link explains the connections and the photos show the creativity.

This color combination is one of my favorites!
I believe the same artist maintains the same placement in each of the mosaics.
The texture, created not only with quilting but with value, was really stunning.
Wouldn't this be a great quilt guild challenge?

One more gem.  The black line really grounds the brights .
 The subtle dark border makes a very striking statement.
'till next Tuesday....

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Quilt National 2013

Post card for Quilt National '13 
Marny here...this post is a note of thanks for two special friends, Jill and Jane.  They concocted a happy birthday celebration for me.  Can you guess?  Yes, a trip to St. Louis to visit Quilt National.  I learned of the plan in August and have happily anticipated it since.  

As with most events, it is all in the planning.  A great hotel, a fun dinner (thank you for the recommendation Ann!), and a fabulous show in a lovely venue contributed to the success of the getaway.  Just as important, though, were the impromptu little joys that came along.  We discovered an absolutely delightful coffee house along the route and shared a silly but entertaining movie in the hotel.  AND a made time for a trip to a wonderful quilt shop.  The Quilted Fox was a unique and friendly store. It was also full of great fabric, which, of course, we had to see in detail and purchase in quantity! The trip was a fantastic gift, many thanks to you both!!!

Back of post card, simply full of information if you are interested.
Now for Quilt National '13 itself.  This is the third pilgrimage we've made to see the special show.  This year the organizers chose a different venue.  The St. Louis University Museum of Art was easy to find, easy to park, had a friendly staff and a fantastic permanent collection to boot!  

We were not allowed to take pictures of the pieces in Quilt National.  In lieu of that let me share Paula Kovarik's post for you to click on to get an idea of the gallery space and some pieces.  (Thank you Penny for providing this source.)  You can find other interesting tidbits on her site.

All the pieces are worthy of discussion, creative and many are intellectually challenging as well.  I tend to gravitate to the "beautiful" ones, of course I am speaking of what is beautiful to me personally.

Since I can't show the Quilt National entries here are some websites from quilt/fiber artists.  Many had QR codes on their information cards so I snared those on my phone to share.

Quilt National is an amazing experience.  All three portions of the show are in St. Louis.  If you are near enough, head on over.  Don't skip the Missouri textile artists show in the same museum and visit a bit of the permanent collection.  They have a great gallery of 20th Century drawings.  For this old Art History student it was fantastic!!

till Tuesday....