Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Follow up on the P's!

jill here...just a quick followup on the P's of machine quilting.  Actually the runner quilting went pretty well.  It's not a piece of art but it has fine texture, is flat and will function well in its new home. As I practiced, the word Pace came to mind....smooth and steady.  Courage and confidence!

Somehow traditional stars emerge in the design
although that was not my intention.

The backing was one piece of fabric so
it resembles a "whole cloth" look.

These are a couple of little notebook covers that were
started with leftover blocks.  Straight line quilting is 
a more comfortable approach.

I will keep practicing!  'till next Tuesday...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Referenced Materials is up!!

Marny here...
Referenced Materials is up permanently at the Ames Public Library
Negative space
Simple shapes
Use of value and color to provide depth and focus
Touches of the unexpected
Yep, it reflects our design aesthetic!!

It started with a before hours practice hanging on a Monday morning

Glimpse of the cozy and very modern furniture under the stairwell

This was fun for me! Bo was a joy to work with!

Jill providing important input from the stairwell. Here you can see the 
stone/brick outer wall of the original Carnegie library building.
Referenced Materials was designed for this specific space.
It references the old brick, stone, tile and the fresh new materials 

seen throughout the library. 

Getting the spacing between the panels just right.
Bo had the panels hung precisely in no time!

Perspective on the size of "Referenced Materials" as seen from the lobby floor

Referenced Materials seen from the second floor

and from a different spot upstairs

The artists and their art!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Party and the P's of Machine Quilting!

jill here.... We're thrilled that our party date is close at hand.  Friday evening, at the Ames Public Library, we will reveal our commission quilt.

Just a glimpse....
We practiced the installation with the help of Bo and the lift!

Hope you can join us!
We'll also have quilts for auction.
In the mean time, I'm practicing my machine quilting.  I would love to be proficient so that I can proceed with a positive attitude!  I've tested and experimented.

I've found these tools to be very helpful.
Aurifil thread, microtex needles, fusible batting
 and my new found friend, the "SewSlip".

I've adjusted my tension to a 5.4 (whatever that means),
with slip pad in place.
I'm forcing myself to Put the Gloves On!

This is my practice background  motif.
I decided to sew in diagonal direction
on a very forgiving textured background with grey thread.

Not perfect but getting better.

The triangles were straight lined stitched with a walking foot.

Nearly done, just have the larger parallelograms left.
I'm going to up the scale with a large leaf.

I'll be happy to report my patience and perseverance in the near future!  Hope to see you Friday evening at the Library...or next Tuesday!


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Paint Chip Challenge Follow Up

jill here... The Ames Quilt Guild's latest meeting included the presentation of the paint chip challenge. The original post link is to the right.  I was unable to be there but I won 6th place! Wahoo!  There were 30 some entries and reports have it, it was great fun.

No name as yet.  Any suggestions?

And transparency occurred by happenstance!

Simple line quilting for a complex design.

The perfect backing for the pair.
This one needs to be quilted.
I have in mind finishing it into another notebook cover.

Ahhh, the never ending quilt...'till next Tuesday!


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Picnic Time! Serving Deli Trays!

Marny pleased with a new pillow for my home! It all started with an email from a customer. She had already completed two projects out of Picnic, but had questions about her exploration of the Deli Tray block. 

I had trouble visualizing the answer to her question. I am happy to report it turned out to just be a simple cutting issue. In order to arrive at the answer I ended up making a pillow. 

This block is FAST! It looks far more complicated than it is. The illustrated techniques in Picnic for cutting and piecing make it a breeze. I think choosing three purples/violets from my stash to get the transparency took longer than the cutting and sewing did.
Testing the transparency with darks to the outside.
This time the lights are to the outside and the dark is in the center. 
The medium remains the intersection.
Individual pieces ready to be sewn.
Pieces sewn together, each column is about 17" long.
Columns shifted for joining together.
Matching up those dog ears!!
The columns are sewn together. They are designed to be trimmed to size later.
Using a ruler to check how and where to trim to 15 1/2".
Here I am trimming the block 3/4" off the top point. I repeated for the bottom point.
Keep the side edge of the block square with markings on the ruler.
Trimmed to 15 1/2". Ready for the additional background to be added.
Just a little flat piping added for color, 
a bit of rounding at the corner, and the pillow is complete.
Till Tuesday...

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

More on Notebook Cover Exchange

Marny here...look what I received from Annette in the Des Moines Modern Quilt Group Notebook Cover exchange! She used her favorite block from our book Quilts du Jour. This notebook will be well used and much loved by me! Great blue-green ombré on white, beautiful button and a closure that actually works. It is all perfect. Thank you Annette!!

Emily V. received the one I made. 
She requested a composition book cover. I used the Stiched in Color tutorial. Emily loves cats and has a fabulous sense of humor. How about kitties fishing for dinner in a goldfish bowl. I had fabric with little goldfish, but how to do the rest? Paper piecing was one answer. I found a cute solution on Carol Doak's site under the heading of free patterns. It is called Cat in the Pumpkin. Surely it could translate to Cat in the Fishbowl.
Fishbowl here we come...      
Goldfish fussy cut!
Cat in the Fishbowl!
  A pseudo Cat's Paw block might work too. 
The quadrants are 3" square with 1/4" sashing. 
Front of Composition Book Cover
Back of Composition Book Cover
Inside of composition book cover (Dear Stella fabric)
A little extra fabric bundled up for fun!
We are going to be part of this very special event in Ames.
We have a commissioned work that will be hung just in time!
More in the weeks to come.