Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Modern Quilts Spring Up

jill here....The change in views during our week in Salt Lake City was noteworthy.  When we left Ames, the leaves on the trees were just opening.  A week later, the plains and hillsides seemed to have exploded with that deeper green. Amazing what rain, warmth and sunshine can stimulate.  So when we arrived home, we just had to do some dirt digging.....cross training with flowers!

Why is it that what is on hand is never quite the right ratio?  Not enough flowers so you go for more, then you run out of soil, need an additional pot or two.  Don't forget the fertilizer and then there is the perpetual watering.  What a reward in a month or two...

While Marny is preparing the blog for our permanent pages (and pattern posting) I'll give you a brief description of our newest designs.  It will be your challenge to find the right quilt according to the description!  The quilts have options to be cut from fat quarters,  precuts or yardage.

Supper Club:  Named to celebrate dining together, this quilt appears in analogous colors set on white for a modern look.  The mosaic block is either strip pieced or a large scale print can be used for a quicker  result.  (The cute kid's quilt version is not visible from this photo so you'll have to wait.)

Cheddar, No Crackers:  Random squares are plated on a nondirectional background. There's a pattern, just disguised.  Little bits of cheese placed asymmetrically add focus and interest.  The baby version uses a large scale nondirectional print background with bright pastel blocks.

TV Dinner:  Five inch precuts set a retro table on a solid background.  Remember those frozen dinners that were a special treat?  Add a spicy accent and a tempting large scale print.  There is another version to the far bottom right of the photo utilizing fat quarters.

Nibbles:  Taste the five delicious nibbles in each asymmetrical block.  If you're still hungry, the border features additional bites.  Sewn from strip bundles, little glimpses of color or pattern pop out of the large negative spaces which are perfect for quilting.

Enjoy spring.  See you next Tuesday!


  1. I think I figured out a few of them! Can't wait to see if I'm right :)

  2. I love the new quilt names - they are making me hungry and I can't wait to get started. I have only done one of your patterns for my new nephew with the bug fabric and I love it - it will be hard to give away! Thanks for letting me try the contemporary quilt style!


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