Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Interaction of Color App!!!

Screen shot of online article in Yale Alumni Magazine.  It can be found here.  

Marny here...Last week Jane shared a page from her Yale Alumni Magazine with me.  Yale introduces an "interactive" version of Joseph Albers's Interaction of Color!!!  It started out innocently enough, but believe me, after pursuing the app discussed, exploring the free introduction to the app, and then purchasing the app it is has become an addictive and wonderful addition to my iPad. 

If you go to this site, (again from Yale University) prepare to be dazzled.   You can watch the trailer with the icon in upper right of the page, or by clicking on the movie at the bottom of the page.  The main graphic in the center has circles to press or arrows to advance or return so that you can see a few pages of the app.  Of course you iPad owners out there can see and try through your app store.

You can learn much more about Josef Albers following the next two links.  You find out a great deal about him in the app itself, of course, but this background information provides a framework.

In brief , Joseph Albers's Interaction of Color (and the app) explores color and how colors interact with one another, how each of us perceives color differently and what to do with this knowledge.  He used paper for his process.  With the app we can use digital tools.  It is great fun and, may I say, eye opening!!  Transparency abounds. Plus, hours of video accompany the chapters.

On the Modern Quilt Relish front, we are once again busy getting our two newest patterns ready to send to the printer.  The covers are done, the quilts are completed and the patterns themselves are nearing the completion mark on the computer.  We'll be sharing them as soon as we can!  It will be fun to let you see them!

Till Tuesday....


  1. Amazing that color is a science! What fun! Two new patterns - can't wait to see them!

  2. Wow, thanks so much for this tip! I love Albers--this should be fun.


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