Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Modernizing Curtiss Hall

jill here.... Iowa State University is just a hill over from us. I love walking through the maze of buildings and landscapes. Signs of autumn abound: the band is practicing, leaves are starting to fall and students are darting in every direction.  And there is a new art installation on campus that is worth sharing!

Stately Curtiss Hall, over a century old, resides on the
east side of the ISU central campus.

The hall is home for the
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

As you enter up the many steps to the second floor,
the rotunda  welcomes with a source of
light and drama.

The floors are typical terrazzo. Inlays of
mosaic geometrics outline  the circular atrium.

The brass railings display  an occasional
"Iowa State College" monogram.
This is the fantastic terrazzo floor  surprise,
designed by Julie W Chang!

...looking down from 3rd floor.
I was not able to find an artist's statement as the floor has only recently been installed.  The dedication will soon follow.  I too, will follow with more information.

For me, it is a wonderful combination of organic and geometric shapes.  The balance of modern warm and cool colors, light and dark values, set on a "white" background displays great radial movement.  It tells a story of who lives here.  I love it.

....from the first floor.

Transparency at it's finest!

The intersections make it so interesting....
...and so complex.

What do you think the fan shape signifies?
Don't you love the use of the hexagons?
Is it a bug inlaid in gold?
Here's a link to a video so you can view the actual installation.

Thanks to Iowa State University for this fantastic installation.  Now if they would just paint their door aqua it would be perfect.  I'll have to email them.  'Till next Tuesday....


  1. Well, I would say that the fan is a reference to the huge Windmill project going on in the western part of Iowa, and the brass inlay is a deer track.

  2. Very cool. I'd love to be in waking distance of ISU, love that campus!

  3. I agree..beautiful. I wonder if the Iowa wind turbines are in this design.

  4. Cool floor! I think that gold imprint is probably a deer hoof :)

  5. I'm sure all the aspects of VEISHA are in there somewhere. I, too, think the blades probably bow to the wind turbines/windmills. The art is truly beautiful.


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