Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Modern Pickled Puzzle Reappears

jill here...more about process.  If you have  previously followed our blog,  you may know that we took a process pledge on Rossie's site.  I'll explain my thought process in adapting these fabrics to fit the pattern. The idea behind this version of Modern Pickle Relish was using a collection (mostly) that featured a large scale print.  This was a collection  called "Soiree" 2008 RJR Fabrics.  I love the large scale floral for the colors and the large amount of white background.  I think it is a perfect example of  "less is more"; where just small amounts of fabric are featured to make a big statement.
Starting out, I cut squares or rectangles as specified in the pattern instructions. The floral was considered the lightest value, followed by the yellow gold, then the red and the black stripe.  There was a great little geometric print that I loved but I eliminated because it was too close in value to the floral and  it confused the intended focus. I was left with four values, a different number from the pattern.  Okay, I'm  making up new rules.  I placed them on my design wall with a large piece of the background.  The background is "New London" by Faye Burgos for Marcus Bothers.

This is a mock up with four values placed in their intended order.
There was a large discrepancy between the white background
and the darkest value.  It seemed to heavy on the outside.

I mixed in more of the focus fabric and eliminated some of the darkest.
I distributed the values for an overall, more balanced  but still
asymmetric pattern.

This arrangement is fine tuned; turning and rearranging just a little.

Final sewn arrangement.
Back side is a perfect place to show the floral in it's intended version.

Quilted in an overall large scale organic swirl.
Modern Pickle Relish:  a fun puzzle!

'Till next Tuesday...


  1. I love it!!! I just love sewing your quilts together. Those colors are sooo great!

  2. Great choice for the patterned background fabric. Your floral is very elegant the way you have it arranged. Very much a gallery-viewing experience!


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