Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fresh Versions of Modern

jill here....Sometimes we're lucky enough to see someone else's versions of our patterns.  We love it when customers send us photos of their interpretation! The neon pastels appear luminous as they skip across the surface of this small scale dark print background.

Oliver guarding Glendia's Leftovers!
Think it will ever be cool enough to enjoy
the warmth of this quilt?

Brioche and Baguette sent from Candy
at Orange Quilt Bee.
Facebook fan Susan sent us her new TV Dinner sample.
It was made for Quilts Ole
which will be hosting one of our trunk shows very soon.

Special delivery to Rob!   Hot of the press, our friend
Jane, created this striking Recipe Cards.
Check out the toes.
To use all her wonderful fabrics,
Jane backed the quilt with squares set similarly to
Brioche and Baguette.
It's a twofur!
Hope you have a great Tuesday...'till then!

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