Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Atkinson Designs' Bridget's Bagettes (not our Brioche and Baguette :-)

Marny here...Terry Atkinson recently came out with Bridget's Bagettes.  I saw some samples at Quilt Market and was hooked.  Making one became a priority when the need for a birthday gift presented itself.  I also seem somewhat stalled with designing and sewing on my own, so following a well written pattern and completing something seemed like a good idea.       

Cute little pattern by Atkinson Designs.
Sewing seemed appropriate on a scorching Fourth of July.  This aqua zipper was the only one I had on hand of the right length.  Luckily really cute coordinating fabric was sitting on my fabric shelves.  Of course everything was so easy to find since my sewing studio is currently clean!  

Making two can't take much longer than making one, right?  Don't ask me if I finished the second one yet!  Afterall the chips and guacamole and great sweet corn needed my attention too. 

This is the medium Bagette.  Cute as could be.  VERY clever zipper insertion and construction method.
So this is now my current favorite bag pattern!
What are some of yours?

...and I was right.  Sitting down at the sewing machine, cutting and choosing fabrics, etc. has all served to get my creative juices flowing!  Sometimes you just have to dive in ready or not.  

Till Tuesday...

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  1. This looks like a great bag. I will have to try it. Hope I can find it in my area.
    Thanks for the featured attention to it.


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