Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pink Chalk and Facebook and Pinterest, Oh My!

Marny here...

Marny's photo as seen on Where We Sew for Pink Chalk
So much to share today.  First did you see my sewing space on Pink Chalk's Where We Sew yesterday?  Check this link if you want to read what I had to say.  Leave a comment for a chance to win a gift certificate.

If you've read recent posts you might remember that I lucked out and had my space all tidied up before Kathy Mack approached us to join her Where We Sew month.  You can see that here.  I have to admit that I did take the opportunity to make mine even a bit prettier for the Where We Sew event.

Jill's photo as seen on Where We Sew for Pink Chalk

Jill's sewing studio is on the agenda for today.  Go see it here.  Jill enjoyed having Kathy's invitation as added motivation.  And you can see her transformation post here.

There is a Where We Sew Pink Chalk button in the righthand column of our blog you can use to explore lots of sewing studios, to even post a photo of you own space, and remember to leave comments to win a gift certificate for patterns and fabric!  Yes, let me say again, please comment on our sewing spaces!  We love reading notes from out friends, old and new.

Now for more big news.  We are up and running with Facebook and Pinterest.  Please check us out and Like and Pin away!!!  You can use the Facebook tab in the bar above and the Pinterest button on the right.  We can't wait to hear from you.  We know lots of you use Facebook and Pinterest already.

We want to give credit where credit is due!  Many thanks to Samantha Boyd and her business Zao525.  Here is their Facebook page.  She and her partner, Melissa Miller, are in the business of helping small businesses establish their voice through the many layers of branding and marketing.  We were never going to carve out the time to learn about and to set up a professional identity using social media so we went to some experts!  Now we have to practice and catch the wave.  Have fun checking out their website and Facebook page.  They are delightful.

So hope hear from you over on Facebook and Pinterest.

Till Tuesday....


  1. Good job! You two are an inspiration to more tidy ways!

  2. Thanks for much for the shout out! We really love working with such a fun brand!

  3. Fabulous space--so inspiring.

  4. This was the kick in the pants I need to get my scrapbooking project finished and get back to sewing! The goal is to complete the scrapbooks by Labor Day but I am hoping for sooner. Love the sewing spaces - thanks for sharing the pictures.


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