Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Modern Studio Makeover

jill here....When the email came from Kathy Mack about "studio photography" I knew I had to get my domain in shape.  Marny had laid down the challenge with her clean space and my space was a disaster!  It was time.  And there was a deadline on the horizon. Not only was it clean up but clean OUT with some fabric that time would never allow me to use.  I really have learned that as much as I love what I have purchased, there is always more wonderful fabric coming out.  And what we use right now for design is never the right amount from my stash!

I had forgotten what I was supposed to learn in kindergarten....
put it back where you found it!

What I used from this shelf most frequently was the fabric.
Patterns and colored pencils, bias tape, elastic could all find a new home.

Crazy, lazy....

My helpers right under foot!
So I sorted and pitched, cleaned and rearranged.....
These 2 sheets of "Celotex" covered in batting are lightweight and movable.
Don't know how I could work without them!

This is my ancillary room that supports my Megaquilter.
HMMMM.  And a stack of  ready to be quilted tops.
Check back.
 If they're not done before January, they will be in some one else's hands!

Now that I can see the fireplace, I'll have to enjoy with some candles.
Perhaps when it cools down.
The cubby intended for firewood is perfect for current projects.

Fabric sorted, back-up irons (gifts from kids who don't iron),
bags on top, neatly folded.  My TV , utilized more as a radio, is
located to the right so I can look up and watch the finished room
on HGTV ...or some new food idea.
A comfortable chair with the sewing table that my husband built.
It overlooks the "big board" ironing board and the very large cutting table.
This is my circle as it makes me get up an move from one station to another.

I even organized the  bullitin  board.

Book shelves.  New rule is they have to fit or they find a new home
with someone who will enjoy them.
So here's the finished product...

I switched out the actual iron board support for shelving.
And it's not even full yet.
Just have to remember where I put stuff.
  'Till next Tuesday,....


  1. What a fantastic space! Love your big cutting area. My husband built the L shaped counter in my sewing room - handy husbands are the best!

  2. So pretty! I need a husband that is more handy. Love that sewing table. Maybe I can talk my dad into building me one of those.

  3. Love the glass of wine too. :)
    What kind of dogs are those. They look huge.

    1. Oh yeh, I had a glass of wine once. Boy you noticed the details! The dogs are golden retrievers, Jaxson and Barkley. They're great company and protectors! jill

  4. I had to laugh. The TV in my space is more like a radio too and tuned to the same two stations as you. Your goldens are beautiful. My two yellow labs aren't allowed upstairs (where my studio is)- at least for now. Now to get sewing...

  5. So impressive!!! Thanks for sharing some of the fabric that you moved up and out--now I have to clean out my space too :-), Jane

  6. Wow--great job of cleaning and organizing. And I love seeing Mary Beth's recap of 2005 Design Camp on your bulletin board--on mine too!

  7. Hi Penny, Next photo shoot I'm going to play "Where's Waldo". You all have such discriminating vision. When I can't find what I rearranged, I'll contact you followers! jill

  8. It looks great! I have sewing room organization envy! I'm getting there, but it's a very slow process when, in the first place, I have no storage to work with. Love your cubbies and bins. Those are high on my wish list. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  9. Thanks for sharing your space with us. How brave of you!! My best organization helper is the list I made in my graph paper notebook which lists my basement (sewing space) by room; and the stash, works-in-progress (WIPs), UFOS, charity projects and fabrics, etc. to be found in each room.

  10. Posting the before and after is wonderful ! gives us all hope that we can have a more organized area ! Great post !

  11. Loved the before and after. If only we could keep it that way. Maybe we should have a check up in 6 months! Great space!

  12. Really nice to see your "before" shots & that you shared the process...
    very honest....many thanks. OH ....& a beautiful work space too !

  13. Love the befores! I love that I got mine cleaned up for what could be the only photo session, in its entirety, that there ever is!
    Love your space!


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