Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More Picnic, our new modern quilting book.

We are heading to Fall Quilt Market in Houston.  The lists have been made, the quilts have been gathered, the packing has started and the loading remains.  The drive is almost peaceful after the hectic schedule we keep readying ourselves for our Schoolhouse presentation, and Quilt Market itself.  We have vowed to see more of Market, get out of our booth, and see all the fabric due for release.  We'll see...

Our booth is 214 if any of you can stop by and say hello!  (We only do Market not Festival.)  We are located on the quilt show end of the convention center.

Hopefully we'll arrive early each day and scope out all there is to be seen-especially the wonderful quilts.

We hope to post here, Facebook and Pinterest!  Check it out if you get the chance.

The back of the post card you saw last week is shown below.
Three of the projects included in Picnic.  Lindsey Buck did the symbols/icons and diagrams included in our book.  Aren't the little icons you see here wonderful? Above from left to right, spoons for scale, relish jars (get it?) showing transparency, and a steaming bowl of simple shapes.  Fun design information is presented throughout Picnic.
Houston here we come!!!

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  1. I just love those icons! Can't wait to see the new quilts and book.


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