Saturday, November 3, 2012

Houston Market 2012

jill here...Good Saturday Morning.  We're just a little late with our blog post but we can blame it on our not-so-smart smart phones.  It certainly wasn't the operators!

We had a great time at market, reconnecting with customers and meeting new ones!  We spied lots of wonderful fabric and had some time to visit with other MQG members and designers.  Hurricane Sandy was certainly a spoiler causing worry and confusion with many leaving early to catch planes.

One of our initial highlights was the appearance of "The Printed Bolt" by the founders and winners!  Ellen Rushman and Madeleine Roberg, masters graduates from that state just to the west of us, were the founders of Repeat: A Design Competition // Repeat:  A Design Competition.  Repeat was six challenges judged by a  host of  talent from the quilting world.  The winner is Michelle Rosenboom who is an Iowa resident and graduate of Iowa State University (just over a hill from my house so that makes us clever purely by association)!   At any rate, Ellen made two of our patterns in Michelle's  winning fabrics, printed on Spoonflower.

Ellen holding "Taffy Twists".
Michelle's Industrial Revolution fabric  (the  larger scale) in our "Recipe Cards".

So here are some of our booth photos...pretty much the same design as last year with lots of new samples!

The back of our booth was dedicated to our upcoming "Picnic" .
Picnic  will be released in December.  We have many copies reserved by quilt shops and distributors;  we'll show you more samples in the next month.

It's good to be home but always looking forward to the next adventure.  Seems like the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild is next on the list.  OMG!  That's next week!

'Till next week, we promise!


  1. It was so great to see you guys and your beautiful booth of gorgeous quilts! I'm so glad we all met last market, and that we live in the same state to boot! :) You two are an energetic, inspiring pair.
    ...continued good luck with the book. I can't wait to see it.

  2. Hey Greta, Good to see you again too! We're so looking forward to seeing you fantastic designs come to fabric. Our best, jill and Marny


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