Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Giant Salad Bar Process

jill here...We finally met Rossi at market.  We were first introduced at the Modern Quilt Guild meet up and then she came by our booth where we shared a longer conversation. Rossi has a really fun attitude toward quilting and has been around the modern movement long enough to see some changes.  We certainly respect her insights and are grateful for her dedication to manage the flikr site that has so successfully influenced the modern aesthetic.  She has a fresh entry with photos from market which is worth checking out.  A while ago, she posted a process pledge which we signed.  From time to time, we like to share our process, however convoluted it may be!

So with process in mention, I'll share a quilt evolution with a student/customer of ours.  Alzire has taken some classes with us; she's a great class participant and has "come around" to the more modern movement, mostly through the request of her family (for whom she is sewing).  She is accomplished in her techniques and has a very adventuresome outlook.  Her request was to create a Salad Bar in king size!  We write for many sizes but had not included the instructions for the California king.  The even bigger challenge was that the background fabric chosen was the end of the blot with a restricted number of yards and inches.  We plotted and diagramed.  The solution was to add one more block to the length and then scale up the supporting color blocks and background.....keeping in mind the subject matter on the bed "top" and "drop".

 This is the diagram to help the memory,
labeling the positions and sizes.

Alzire joined me in my studio to utilize the large cutting surface.
Even the design wall wasn't quite large enough! It allowed
for the us to test the diagram, position the fabrics, then
label for sewing in the correct order.

Batik prints were the focus of the design with the darker
green as the overlap.  The blocks are square so they
can be turned either way (vertical here).

April quilted with a pantograph named  "Contempo".

This is a very large Salad Bar!  Alzire is living with it
before she sends it off to her daughter.......Hmmmmm.
Wonder where it will land?
If you're in Kansas City, hope to see you Thursday evening at the KCMQG!  Otherwise, next Tuesday!


  1. I'm so glad iIfound this site, I've just discovered modern quilting and so I'm hastily finishing all outstanding projects so that i can begin.

    I live in the middle of nowhere in France, the lone voice in a quilting desert, so I'll be here often.

    Merci beaucoup,


  2. It was great to meet you ladies! I love all the negative space in that quilt!


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