Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fourth Video Free Sliced Bread Pattern

Marny here....

And the winner of the Robert Kaufman set of Stockholm fat quarters is Amy for her entry submitted on our facebook page. Amy please email us an address and we can get the fat quarters heading your way!

All the photos posted to our Modern Quilt Relish Facebook were really interesting.  Thank you for taking the time to participate in that way.  And we are always grateful for comments here on the blog!
Printable Sliced Bread Pattern 
Below we have the Fourth Video for the Free Printable Sliced Bread Pattern.  If you haven't been following you can get all the information in the Label column to the right of the post by clicking the label Sliced Bread.

This little video covers making the rows, Steps 4-6 in the instructions.  Really fast video, really fast quilt.

And just maybe I've conquered the narrow vertical format we'd been experiencing.  Thank you to a kind reader pointing it out to me, I discovered with a little help that just turning my iPhone horizontally solved the problem.  (Hopefully that is, you never  know until the post is actually up and running.)

I'd like to share a little more news too.

Sunday I completed my first 5K, the Run for the Roses, jogging all 3.1 miles!  It is an annual fundraiser that benefits research/treatment of arthritis.  In past years walking or walking/jogging has satisfied me.
A sudden desire to be able to run came over me after years of avoiding it.  I spent the past 9 weeks doing a 5K Runner:0 to 5K run training.  I got the app for my iPhone and started at the beginning and went through to the end.  Lo and behold I can jog a 5K as promised.  To be truthful I am not a couch potato, I have stayed active, do the elliptical, walk, play tennis and spend two hours a week lifting weights.  On the other hand I am no longer young! :-)  Now I should find something to improve the pace of my jogging.  I bet all I have to do is go looking for another app.  Got to love the iPhone or other smart phones!

What are some of your favorite apps?  It is fun to hear how others use their phones.

Till Tuesday!


  1. Congrats on the 5K!

    I was vending at a quilt show this weekend in Grand Rapids and was happy to see Recipe Cards, Nibbles and Brioche and Bagette hanging in two vendors stalls :)

    1. Thank you Debbie. Also fun to hear our quilts are showing up in vendor stalls!

  2. My daughter started out with that app a year or two ago and is running her first half marathon in a week. Go girl.

  3. Don't suppose it was me since I can't remember if I entered a coment anywhere. Shoot, can't remember what I did yesterday for that matter.

  4. Sorry Amy, it was a different Amy. Keep trying ;-)

  5. I'm getting my first smart phone next week! It's a new IPhone5 and I'm beside myself with excitement about it. I'll finally feel like I'm in the 21st century! I'll be looking for lots of fun apps.


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