Tuesday, February 21, 2012

...In the small picture

jill here....Perhaps you have noticed that there is a photograph in the right hand corner of our blog site.  The story was a fun one, in spite of our reticence.

When we started our business, we exercised the ownership.  Not only did we keep the budget under control but we learned from our experiences.  Photographing quilts can be challenging...the right light, no wind, tripods, design boards, camera adjustments!  In the past, we have enlisted the help of our husbands.  To get us all on board for personal photos (and then for us to look good) was an extraordinary request!  So, we deferred to a professional photographer, a friend for many years, Jacqueline's Photography.

We headed off to Jackie's studio armed with quilts and clothing changes.  I grabbed my camera for a blog opportunity!
Jackie and  her assistant, Allie, sorted through a pile of quilts.

This was the scene with great north and east exposure.

Marny in position....

With just a few adjustments.....

Jackie finding just the right position too.

We had to keep laughing through the unique poses.

They assured us it would work!

Jackie and Allie, armed and not so dangerous.

Two days later, we viewed the results of an experience that was way more fun than anticipated.    Now we have  a little stash of professional photographs when the need arises.  Thanks Jackie and Allie!

'Till next Tuesday.....


  1. So that's how it's done! Huge space natural light with more cameras than I can count and ladders and tripods and props and two professionals getting the job done! I like.....

  2. Looks like both you and the professionals got some great shots!

  3. I agree, great pics and a fun story to go along with it--thanks for sharing.


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