Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Piece or Repiece, That is the Question

Sometimes you have to ignore the have-to-do's and make the time to be creative.  Since we have started blogging we have not had the time to follow our usual Tuesday explorations. Today we are back to playing....not expecting perfection, just trying something different.

Intuitive Color & Design, Adventures in Art Quilting by Jean Wells has been a recent inspiration.  After attempting some of the preliminary exercises awhile back, we decided to use her soft curve piecing method for today's exploration.

Jill challenged us with the following:
  • Identify some spring inspiration = a small idea for a petite work
  • Formulate a design orientation and focus
  • Choose 2 colors + 1 neutral and find a variety of values
  • How about some silk?
  • Bring one embellishment for another possibility....
Here are Marny's choices:
  • Lilacs in spring
  • Multicolored units arrange diagonally
  • Grayed lilac with muted kelly green and black as a neutral.
  • yes I have silk (is 4 yds enough?)
  • tulle, ultrasuede, buttons, beads ...

Jill's choices:

  • Redbuds in park 
  • Horizontal format with focus in left lower quadrant
  • Fuschia and yellow-greens with grey to black as the neutral
  • yes to silk!
  • beads for embellishment

Jill cut strips of neutrals and fushcias 10-12 inches long by 2 inches wide.  Stacking two fabrics right sides up, cut a gentle curve through the center of the strips creating two pairs that fit together.  Matching the top edges, sew a very narrow seam, adjusting the curve as you sew.  Press to either side.
You can add a third fabric by stacking your new unit on top of a third fabric (right sides up) and trace the previous curve with your cutter through that third fabric. 

The following illustrates different value combinations.
Jill subcut these strip units into 1 inch pieces and randomly repieced to build her new unit.
This is a strip set auditioned with different greens and black to be competed for next week's blog.

Marny took one strip set of 7 fabrics and subcut with gentle curves from either end and repieced them flipping one 180 degrees.

Three units were created to be completed next week.

See you Tuesday....

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