Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Join Us and Follow the Path of Least Resistance

Quilt along with us. 

Jill's Recipe influenced by Karla Alexander's Stack a New Deck.

  • 5 fabrics in a tight range of values from a medium dark to a medium light
  • 1 solid (in our case silk)
  • something dull/muted
  • something funky-highly patterned
  • 2 other textures that are different scale/different pattern from the previous 3.

Cut a 9 1/2 inch square from each fabric (or whatever size you desire.)  If distinct patterns are printed on grain--cut a bit wonky so the pattern is no longer regular.  Stack the five squares on top of one another all right side up.  Cut gentle curves at least one inch away from the corners.  Avoid small of pieces with severe angles.

Take a moment after cutting to think of a logical way to piece--follow the path of least resistance.

Now rearrange each stack randomly.  We each have nine sections after cutting, so fabric will repeat in each block.  Feel free to rearrange to please your eye.

Using a small seam allowance and a tight stitch start sewing your pieces together.  Align the corners of your pieces and sew to maintain the original curve as much as possible.  Sew from the inside out.  The outside edges of the block can be trimmed more easily.  Press seam allowances opposing to one another.  Match the intersecting seams when possible.

You will complete five blocks.  Do not trim the uneven edges.  We will cut and arrange next week.
See you then.


  1. very cool, love the block, I will try, thanks

  2. Good to try ;) Thanks for share it!


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