Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Comment Tutorial & and the End of the Line

Marny here.....The first order of business today is to let you know commenting is still easy.  There is a  colored bar at the bottom of each post.  It contains the following information.

All you have to do is scroll across the bar past Posted by jill/marny and the number of comments lights up.  Click on that and away you go!  Sorry it used to be transparent until you scrolled, but now I think the font shows up.  Hope this helps.  We miss your comments.  Please try again.  And does anyone have photos they want to post on our flickr site?  Any troubles with that?  Let us know!  We love to hear from you.

A short time ago, feeling somewhat overwhelmed by a to do list and lack of discretionary time, I backed out of our driveway.  And there was the answer just sitting in my husband's slot.
No more fear of being overloaded.  I found the secret weapon!  And apparently, I can share since it is a dual overload guard.  Awesome.  A chuckle and I was on my way.
So a quilt is completed and given our household stamp of approval.  An otherwise totally lazy cat appears in seconds when a quilt is spread on the living room floor for pictures. It is her job.
Machine sewn binding is the way to go for ease and strength.  A tutorial will be prepared describing the method you see here.  We will get it in the blog some time soon.  It is slick.  And it really helps get those ufo's off the shelf and completed.  Fewer hurdles and less guilt is always a good thing.

News here.  End of the line!  Quilt happy in it's new home.  It brings a little sunshine to the coast of Maine.  And makes me feel good to have a promised gift delivered.  Clearly there are two more cats finding their vocation of quilt sitting.


  1. The quilt sure is happy with the yellow walls. Love to see the cats are also happy with the quilt. Sure looks inviting.

  2. I eagerly await your binding tutorial! I've tried a couple of ways that I'm not entirely happy with.

  3. I'd be interested to see your binding method - I currently use Sharon Schambers method and love it - no pins to struggle with and it gives you the option for full machine binding installation, plus very sharp corners.
    Love the quilt - lovely summer colours.

  4. Love the quilt and the happy yellows. Very fun to see the quilt in its new home.

  5. Lovely quilt, happy cats, and handy dual overload protection too--what a comprehensively helpful website!


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