Tuesday, March 29, 2011

modern techniques, modern mistakes

 Jill here.....Remember last week's challenge?  The saga continues!   I thought I would be clever and use some previous tested ideas and incorporate them with a few new ones.  I had two blocks that were together - sew to speak.  This is one of them.

I proceeded to  cut the block into lots of smaller cubes and rectangles.  Looks like a mess?  It is.

I chose four interesting squares and tried several positions and decided that a dark sashing might be the best solution.  It would tie them together and then I would make the connection with the quilting.

Mock up  of the four pieces.

Actual block sewn together.
I squared the block and then added a pillow backing so that the edges were finished;
I added a layer of batting through the back opening and then quilted it.

Pillow backing to turn right sides out.

This is the disaster.

The problems were that the sashing was nearly the same size as the strips in the block.
You can't see it , but I pressed the sashing up when it should have been down.
Thirdly the strips didn't line up and they were too wacky to correct so the quilting
lines were skewed.  And, too many lines crossing in crazy directions.

So, I totally unsewed  the block, thinking I will make this right even if it kills me.
Well I'm here to tell you that it got the better of me.  Black thread on dark fabric
is not fun to take out!

Second and last try!

The sashing width was better but very technically hard to align with the seam allowances.
I did not pursue this experiment any further.

Perhaps another day when I am feeling creative, I will give it another try. Perhaps not. It might be happy with the others in the reject pile.

So if you would like to make me feel better, you can share your stories of frustration.  I'll be here!
Next Tuesday really should be spring.


  1. Jill, Your "mistake" is a great example of one of my favorite philosophies when it comes to anything "art." It goes like this: "It's about the painting, not the painting." In other words, the creative process (action) is often more important than the finished product (object).

  2. I had a baby quilt idea quite a while ago that I finally got around to working on recently. I LOVED the idea - on the computer it looked great. In fabric - totally boring. I fussed with it some - still no go. Just to be sure, I'll probably try again with some different fabric, but I think this idea will end up on the scrap heap. On to the next idea...

  3. Usually I make these 'decisions' on much bigger samples. I have one in my reject pile that I decided would be a good lap quilt. Still trying to get the inspiration to quilt it.

  4. Oh, I've been there, too. Sometimes these orphan blocks or experiments turn into insulated counter trivets or potholders.


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