Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Waves with a nod to Modern Quilt Design Elements

Marny here...back to Hot today-Modern Quilts are Too! posted two weeks ago.  Options have been considered, a direction committed to, and the table runner top completed.

I was aiming for using lots of negative space and asymmetry.  In this case, the negative space is Kona Cotton Snow.  The layout will give the asymmetry.

The first step was to cut the "beach glass" blocks into 7 1/2" squares that will finish 7". Sets of three seemed appropriate.  They had enough repetition and enough variety to be visually interesting.
The next step was to work on layout.  I had something in mind, but it seemed a good idea to stop and test the idea.
The "verticals" off kilter were fun but not what I wanted to portray.
The "verticals" fall on the same horizontal.  Again a layout that was not that supportive of my vision.
Now we are getting somewhere!
One last decision to explore-sashing or no.  I am thinking no, but again it doesn't hurt to mock it up.
With sashing in between the columns and
without sashing.  Getting better.
Sewn together.   21" x 56" finished. 
Negative space and asymmetry abound.  These are two design elements that make this project a modern one.  I look forward to quilting it vertically.

All along the process I was dreaming of the beach.  You see, I am just back from Hawaii - a fun high school reunion and a fantastic family vacation.  Once you have lived near an ocean, waves are part of your being.  At least they are part of mine.  And it was never about beach glass but about sets of waves coming to shore.  The colors are those of the Pacific.

Bear with me and enjoy part of Hawaii's beauty.
Textures and colors

Scents of flowers

Tropical critters

The nightly ritual of the sun setting on the horizon.
 Till Tuesday then....


  1. Thanks for sharing your process! It is so much fun to see the ideas people have and how they move on to the final version. Love those colors!

  2. It's fun to see the different options you experimented with and then the final outcome. And the photos from Hawaii aren't bad either!

  3. I think it looks like a wind chime of colored glass. Perhaps something like that would be a good name?

  4. Hi Janice,
    Thank you so much for the interpretive name! I headed over to your blog. Thank you for the nod to Modern Pickle Relish. You could put the photo on the Flickr site (we would approve you, etc.) but if that is too much trouble you could send it to our email in the contact portion above and we could post it. Fun to see it in Civil War.


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