Saturday, November 5, 2011

Market: A Multi-tasker's Challenge

jill here......Market is a visual overload.  One does not realize that until after.....all the possibilities that were missed! Coupled with the fact that we have to sell our product, it's hard to do it all.  So the realization that we missed a photo with Jan and our "Salad Bar" quilt was astounding!  This photo below is Jan DiCintio, a wonderful fabric designer that we were so lucky to work with.  She is totally dedicated to the organic GOT certification.  We learned all about the production process at her schoolhouse session.  There should be a photograph of Jan with her new fabric line "Tilly" and our quilt...didn't happen.  Take a look on our site under the Pattern Shop and you will see the new design.  Better yet, go to Daisy Janie
Jan DiCintio of Daisy Janie with her organic "Tilly" collection

The next few photos are of our booth.  Not many changes from Salt Lake except that we downsized.  Not holding true to our philosophy that less is more, we attempted more in less (of a space).  How does one compare?  There were just too many tales to tell and they seemed to fit in a smaller space.  Hope we didn't scare anyone away (it was Halloween)!

The good part of downsizing was we fit it ALL in my smaller hybrid car and traveled forty miles to the gallon.  We even had a change of clothes, for which you can be grateful.

Perhaps you can see (barely) that we remade a couple of our samples Brioche and Baguette in brighter, more graphic fabrics and a new Baby Nibbles.  Can you believe that we didn't get a photo of the new Stokholm fabric line at Robert Kauffman with our quilt ?  We'll post that soon.  We'll be changing the covers of the pattern on those two soon.

Marny and Jill thrilled to be in Houston.
One last comment.  Looking back on a week that was work, fun and inspiration all rolled into one,  I have to say it was the people that made it wonderful.  Quilters are great friends.  We were the newbies on the first aisle and they welcomed us and treated us like family.  Okay, we were surrounded by quilters from  Iowa, Kansas, Oregon, California and a crazy fun lady from Kentucky!  The staff at the convention center was exceptional as were all the urbanites. And, even the drivers were sane.  We traveled over 2100 miles safely and its good to be back home.  We'll blog again Tuesday.  Meanwhile, check out our  Pattern Shop for our two new patterns, Market Values and Salad Bar!


  1. Hey ladies!!! Glad you had a good time in Houston. Here is a REALLY nice picture of Salad Bar.

  2. Oh, my, yes ... Salad Bar is a wonderful pattern in those colors! I enjoyed showing off my Market Value quilt top today during Sassy Stitchers! Glad you have returned safely from Houston and are bringing us up-to-date on your adventures! More please (after you have rested a bit)!

  3. Glad you had a great time in Houston.

    Love the two new patterns - you are doing some great stuff with transparency there!


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