Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quilts for Kids...and Fun Too!

jill here......Last year we blogged about my traditional  holiday sewing party...twelve years of projects.  This  year, after sorting fabrics, I decided that some of my great kids fabrics would make some cute quilts!   Of course, I'm a great collector of fabric but of course, I never have enough of the appropriate backgrounds.  I had to shop for just a few yards!  I thought about planning 4 quilts with two different patterns but then I remembered to keep it simple! So the charity quilts would all be sewn from our pattern Supper Club!  The hope was for eight sewers to piece 4 quilt tops within 5-6  hours.  BUT,  there would be time out for lunch and lots of laughter.

We divided into two groups of four:  2 sewers, 1 presser, 1 cutter acting as the coordinator.  Each group had 2 quilt tops to construct.  I had cut the fabric earlier and we had 4 sewing machines set up, two in the kitchen and two in the studio.  It really wasn't a competition but there was a sense of friendly rivalry.   Could we succeed?
Warm cider gets us going!

Marianne at the iron, close to her kitchen duties.

Gale and Leona sewing in sunshine, still smiling.

There was division of labor and Laura handled the iron like a pro.

Marny managed the studio group and made the cuts!

Time out for a wonderful lunch prepared by Marianne.

Two quilt tops nearly finished (the other two as well).
Most of all, it was a great time with great memories!

Four quilt tops in a row!

Kid and Puppies.
I'm thinking I may just try my machine hand at the quilting but don't hold your breath!  Enjoy the season,
'Till next Tuesday...


  1. Wow! You all got a lot done. Congratulations :)

  2. It was a wonderful, delicious, and productive day. Thank you, Jill, for the 13th special event. But when do we get to see some new patterns in your store? Can't wait! Jane

  3. What a super cool way to use novelty fabrics. I like it! Hhmm . . . I have some novelty fabric to use.

  4. Hi all, the new patterns Market Values and Salad Bar are in the Pattern Shop. I hope everyone can see them there, if you can't would you email us. Thank you!

  5. What fun to see all the smiling faces of women I know, but haven't seen for awhile! And the quilts look good, too. It's a wonderful tradition that you started years ago.


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