Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Surprise Shower Idea

Marny here....a little idea popped into my head a few weeks ago.  How do we show the warm fuzzy feelings we have for a bride and her Mom when an "in person" shower is out of the question?  Luckily I keep an abundant quantity of empty space in my head so there was plenty of room for a new idea to take root.

I'd seen this truly wonderful pattern via an email from Pink Chalk Fabrics.  The pattern is available here.  It is called the In Color Order Lined Drawstring Bag.  The designer is Jeni.  Check out her blog here.  Eight sizes, from tiny to large, with and without gussets, lined and cute as all get out!  I couldn't resist.  Magically the pdf is purchased and in my computer within minutes.  So the pattern was sitting in my downloads waiting for the right moment.  It is very thorough, well written, beautifully illustrated and easy.  I will be making more bags.    

Jill is the Mom in this formula.  Her lovely daughter is getting married in a bit far from home and all of us sit here clamoring to celebrate them.  So a sneaky plan formulates.  Wonder if we fill bags with little odds and ends of fun?  So thanks to Gale, Jane, Laura, Leona, Marianne and Sue the idea became a reality.  Jill was in D.C.  (which you readers already know) with her daughter when a box arrived to be opened only when they were together.  The drawstring bags were filled with yummy chocolates, bubbly prosecco, cute notebooks, Starbuck gift card and graham treat, unique recipe book, pretty nail polish, little notes, a restaurant gift certificate and our love.  We were all thinking of them and wistful we couldn't be there in person but pleased we pulled off our Surprise!!

Drawstring bags sewn from In Color Order Lined Drawstring Bag Pattern.
Till Tuesday...

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