Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Quick gift idea is an eye opener!

jill here...The holidays are here again.  My little Christmas craft group met early and I had to come up with an idea that was easy......we talk a lot!  Perhaps some of you younger quilters don't need glasses on a daily basis but for sure, your sun glasses need a special home.  So here is a cute essential to carry and protect your glasses.

This project uses felted wool.  It's dense but soft on the inside and easy to sew through.
Cut a 16 "X 5" rectangle.   Trim out the corners of one end 2" down and 1" across.  This leaves an end  flap of 3 " across and 2" deep.  
Cut away the  corners of one end
Looks like this after  trimming.

Now is the time to embellish the outside.  There are endless possibilities with buttons, thread, wool scraps!

I added a trim strip of houndstooth, 1.5 " X 16". I stabilized it with a light weight fusible bond and pressed it on the front side of the fabric.  I placed it asymmetrically but it can go however you desire. Trim to meet the ends.
With a blanket stitch, the edge was overcast.  The machine (a Viking) was set at a stitch width of 6 x 3 length.  Only do the sides of the strip, not the ends.
Red thread was chosen for contrast.

Fold the strip in half with the flap coming over the end.  Gently press to identify landmarks.  Cut 1" X 1.5" pieces of loop and hook tape for your closures and sew one piece to the upper end, right side.  Sew the other piece to the underside of the flap, where they meet.
Use a regular stitch, close to the edge of the loop and hook piece.

Finish the non flap end with a blanket stitch, locking the threads. Press the 1" sides (these are the gussets) to the inside of the wool. (Don't press the closure tape or you'll melt it.  Did that once!)

With the gussets folded in and even with the flap, stitch the entire perimeter of the wool with a blanket stitch.  Lock your stitches.

This is an inside view: the gusset ends are free,
stitched 1" down on the fold.

Keeping the case inside out, fold at the bottom with the flap extended. Pull the sides of the gussets out to meet the edges and pin both sides.  Sew both sides with a straight stitch close to the edge.
Turn right side out. 

I added a red button and called it good.

Hope your season is a merry one.  'Til next week....

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