Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winners and more give aways of Picnic!

Dip Bowls baby quilt from Picnic.
Kits will be available at Quiltcon.

The two winners of Picnic, our modern quilt book, from week one are...Doris and Vanesa.  The random generator worked!  Thank you all for participating.  

We loved all the comments.  They were very thoughtful.  We enjoyed reading a variety of viewpoints!
Here are the results of our nonscientific poll.

  • 5 for asymmetry 
  • 6 for negative space 
  • 9 bold colors, solid color fabrics, graphic prints 
  • 6 clean lines and shapes 
  • several of your own ideas.

Seems like a toss up, with a slight edge to bold colors, solids, and graphic prints.  (So it is a lot about the fabric...something we call all relate to.)  

We have a trunk show and a Picnic book signing coming up February 2nd at the Quilting Connection in Ames, Iowa.  We'll be signing from 1-3 that afternoon.  The quilts from the book are heading there this week!  

Here is this week's chance to win a copy of Picnic.  Two winners will be chosen next Tuesday.  

We're inquiring about blocks and layout.  Choose and comment on what appeals to you the most.
  • Recognizable but reinterpreted traditional blocks in a traditional layout"?
  • Alternative blocks with a nontraditional layout?
  • Improvisational piecing without a formal layout?
Comments open until midnight central time January 21st.  Good luck!  

Till Tuesday...


  1. I think I tend to lean toward traditional blocks but using bright modern fabrics.

  2. Alternative blocks with a nontraditional layout.

    I'm not quite ready to vote for totally improvisational yet.

  3. I think alternative blocks in a nontraditional layout - something I really enjoy about your patterns is that I don't look at them and think that it's something I can replicate at home just from looking at the cover photo.

  4. Improvisational works, especially when I want to do something scrappy. Many times I think of a traditional block but how can I give it my own twist. I am amazed how you gals create spectacular views with simple shapes. I look at your patterns again and again and the effect is delightful! BTW, your 'dip bowl' picture is just enchanting!

  5. Improvisational piecing appeals to me the most, HOWEVER is it not something that comes naturally to me. I'm learning though!

  6. I like to do alternative blocks in a modern layout. But I like to look at improvisational piecing :)

  7. I tend to go with a traditional layout with modern fabrics. Bright colors and bold prints catch my eye.

  8. I think traditional block in a non-traditional layout. Not an option I know, but I like the idea of 'Hey that looks familiar. Why does that look familiar? Oh, because it is a blah-blah block but laid out differently'

  9. It's hard to choose one style, but the quilts I'm drawn to the most at shows are the improvisational quilts. When making a quilt, it feels more a part of me when I make the design, but I also like to do a pattern, especially for a gift as not everyone likes the improv look.
    Thanks for a chance to win the book.
    Diane W.

  10. Alternative blocks & non-traditional layout. Modern all the way!!!

  11. Alternative blocks with a nontraditional layout. To me traditional is like our history. We can study it but know that new history is always being made. Nontraditional quilts give us so much more to look at and study. They are great eye candy!

  12. I like traditional reinterpreted...but really reinterpreted! It's so fun to see the history brought forward.

    Thanks for the chance!
    Lwghosts at yahoo dot com

  13. I like the improv piecing. It's fun to see new designs rather than the more common ones.
    paweis at yahoo dot com

  14. I like traditional, but using new ways, inklingo, etc. I have done improv piecing and I enjoyed it. So it I like it I will make it

  15. Definitely, "alternative blocks in a non-traditional layout." That's exactly how I tackled the MQG Madrona Road challenge, and I'm very happy with the way my quilt turned out.

  16. I like the look of improvisational blocks, but I am more likely to use a traditional block interpretation.

  17. I lean toward improvisation and have a lot of fun playing that way!

    Thanks for showing us your quilt and projects at dsmmqg tonight!!! Truly gorgeous, congratulations on completing such an ambitious project and doing it soooooo well!!

  18. Alternative blocks in nontraditional layouts are my favorite. I love the concept of your Picnic book...take an overall 'sampler' quilt and then create separate quilts from each sample. Thanks for sharing at the meeting:-)

  19. I prefer the challenge and surprise (both good and not-so good) of improv over the repetition of piecing the same block.

  20. Your technique is great! Love breaking a big project into smaller elements.


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