Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Modern Quilt Kits Part II at Quiltcon, Monaluna Fabrics

Austin we've arrived.  Travel was as smooth as it could be and even early.  We walked over to the convention center in 57 degrees where we were greeted by Ellen Rushman's friendly smile.  Way too easy.  We registered for our badges and checked out our booth site.   A convention participant should not have a problem seeing our habitat as we're straight down the center isle.  Quiltcon will have a  big transformation before the show opens.  After the quick tour, a margarita was in order along with some really hot Mexican food.  Yum!

As promised, these are a few more of our patterns that are kitted with Monaluna organic fabric!
Supper Club with Llama love as the focus, herringbone and mod boxes!

Full view of Supper Club.
Brioche created with Gum Drops Blue the baguettes are Little Birds Blue,
Mod Boxes and Brick Wall.  We can do this in a red version as well!
Recipe Cards with Birds Too, adding in Little Birds Red,
Weave Green and Waffle Green as the background fabric

So we'll post again daily.  Tomorrow we have a few more kits to preview and then we'll be spending the day getting our booth designed.  Stay tuned....

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  1. Its good to arrive and still have energy!
    Your samples ... clever combinations! I'm liking especially the greens and the birds in Recipe Cards.
    Forward ho ....


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