Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Scrappy Compositions

jill here.... Last Sunday we had our DSM Modern Quilt Guild Show reception here in Ames.  The venue was a perfect setting to display our quilts.  It was well attended and the audience asked great questions concerning the modern movement.  We'll share some photographs next week so stay tuned!

Seems like lately I have lots of small scraps! They are frequently trims from strip piecing in a variety of combinations.  Surely they must be good for something!  Perhaps they could be reconstructed into little designs for greeting and gift cards.  So working quickly (not over thinking), I gathered some supplies and fabric strips and began cutting.

I picked up some packages of cards/envelopes (4 X 5.5")
along with some 2.5 X 3.5" card stock called
"Artist Trading Cards", perfect for gift tags.
If you use these, everyone will think you're an artist!

I had a hard time getting through the paper isles; it could easily become another addiction. Fortunately, I was limited by time and overwhelmed by all the choices!

So I stared with three scrap sets .... ends of strip sets.
I chose three different ones that contrasted with one another,
varied in pattern and intensity

Not wanting to create bulk,  I placed a cut directly on top
of another  fabric with about a 1/2" overlap and stitched
close to the edge with a contrasting thread.

A second strip was placed under the overlap.

This small piece was stitched all the way around
with a scant 1/4" topstitch.

A section was trimmed to reflect an interesting pattern.

Additional strips were added, the composition  squared up
and stitching added  for line interest.  The diagonal
lines create more active movement.

Scraps having control to the numbers!

Layering and sewing....

More layers and diagonal movement added.

I used a spray adhesive to keep the fabric
in place while I stitched it down to the card.

The fabric was stitched  around the perimeter  a
scant 1/4" away from the outer edge.
I left more border at the top to allow
for a hole punch to tie the "artist's" tag to the gift!

Trying another combination with just two fabric sets....

I alternated the sets but staggered them for more interest.

This composition appears to be more traditional...

......sized to fit on a card.

Cut at an angle  to make it more interesting!

Fabric collage sewn to card with a scant 1/4" from the outer edge.

Triptych of 1" collage strips sewn to card.

Perhaps if the sewing machine will fit in the car, my daughter and daughter-in-law would like to make this a vacation project!  I'll hold the babies (tough job).

'till next Tuesday...


  1. Oh, how exciting! I have made postcards with my scraps but never sewn them to a paper card before!

  2. The artists' reception was lovely - the space was perfect; and the sun was still shining to add just the right natural light to the viewing! Oh my! You have fun with scraps, too. I hope my daughter reads this. We've had several discussions about the utility of smaller scraps - I'll eventually try making art-sy bookmarks, as well as the note cards. I purchased some timtex and light fuse to give it a try. Thanks for sharing your ideas - especially cutting "on the bias" to add interest before applying your patches to the card. Nifty!


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