Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lucky Star Market Booth at Prairie Moon Winery

jill here....Seven o'clock am on Saturday morning was cold, really cold and sorta dark too.  We braved the elements and set up our booth for a 9 am start.  Hot coffee and warm cinnamon rolls fortified us.  As you can see from the photos, the event center supplied us with essential hanging beams.  They were a nice perk to display some of our patterns.
These beams were perfect to display
 Supper Club and Leftovers.  We have kits for both!  

Another pole, supported by our ladder. displayed a few
quilts in front of Torte and Cutlery.

Nothing like a deadline to move past perfection
and to "call it good".  

Our business table displaying patterns,
 kits and just a few more quilts.

Our cozy little corner!

A good way to spend a winter day with layers on!

The event was a festive and well run.  Lots of shoppers made the rounds.  Wine in the hands of some seemed to make it relaxed and enjoyable.  Hmmmm, we'll pass that one along to wholesale market organizers. 

It was most fun seeing our friends and quilt shop friends!  We may have even recruited a few new quilters.

'Till next Tuesday...


  1. I wish i had been there. I would have been one with the wine in hand.


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