Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spring Quilt Market, Pittsburgh!

Marny here…
Back from Market.  We really enjoyed our teaching experience, lots of friendships were renewed, new friends were made and our booth was such fun!  We chose a corner booth and were so fortunate to get placed on the center aisle in the midst of lots of action.  
One wall of our booth.  Our hanging pattern covers make it easy to point and choose and discuss.  Gourmet Values is pictured here (at the far left) with the current issue of Modern Patchwork.  It was fun to share it with Carolyn Friedlander, since the fabrics were all designed by her, and to hear the stories of the magazine photo shoot from the editor, Vivika Hansen DeNegre. 
The rest of the first wall wrapping around to the remaining wall.  Hanging, from left to right, you can see Lunchboxes, Cutlery, Torte and our new pattern Tasty Measures.  Leftovers, Supper Club and the Tasty Measures runner are on the table. 
Tasty Measures baby brightens up the booth and drew lots of smiles!
Quilt Market floor "after hours" from one end of the Convention Center.  The ceiling has windows that allow the huge space to be filled with natural light.  Having sunshine in parts of the building much of every day was terrific!
Quilt Market floor from the other end of the building.  These two photos were taken from bridge like walkways used to go to and fro the upstairs classrooms.
So good to be home, recharged, inspired and ready to get back to work on our book!

Till Tuesday…

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