Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Petits Four Backing Tutorial

jill here...A brand new book sample is close to completion.  This Blend collection is a perfect  gender neutral baby combination.  Polar bears and penguins, oh my!

I had 3 fairly large pieces of a similar taupe to get my backing  started.
I left the selvages intact and turned to the outside.
The majority of the piecing will be central to the back.
As we showed you earlier with scrappy backings, I'm using pretty much of what is leftover (plus scrap yardage from my stash).  The last chapter of our book Quilts du Jour shows all the backings of our quilts with descriptions and some recipes to build on.  An improvisational flip side is not always faster but is definitely more interesting.

Small rectangles, leftover strips, a fat quarter and some yardage
from my stash will be featured.

The prints were sewn between the white backgrounds
that were made the same width.

Here are the leftover strips pieced .

I checked my widths and trimmed to keep
them straight and square.

Trying different arrangements for better balance...

I'm not usually a pinner but sewing long spans
helps those measurements to merge equally.

My big board helps keep those edges straight while I pin.

A bit odd but lots of fun and different from the usual!
We'll show you the finished product soon.
'till next Tuesday....


  1. Definitely F.U.N. Look forward to seeing the finished backing project;. And, I'm into making baby quilts now. An ultrasound shows that triplets are on the agenda for mid-December!!

    1. Oh my goodness Lois, you'll be busy!! Our best to all!

  2. Just love pieced backings, but your longarmer will appreciate it if you pay attention to the the lengthwise grain of your fabrics and try to get them facing the same way ~ helps prevent sagging and pleating once it is on the frame.

    1. Thank you for the information. So far so good for us, we haven't had any trouble thus far! But we'll share your comment with our longarmer and undoubtedly we'll learn more. :-)


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