Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wish I'd had the Hot Hemmer then!

Marny here...we saw a new tool at Quilt Market that would have been super helpful for the curtain panel hemming project that follows. It is called the Hot Hemmer; invented by Joan Hawley and manufactured by Clover. 
Screen shot taken on the Clover site.

Find out more about it and watch the video here! I'm picking mine up at the Quilting Connection later today, that is if they haven't sold out already.
Don't you just love IKEA? They have these lovely panels that provide some privacy yet still allow light and air movement. But they are really LONG.

Lines following an organic trail in an all over design. They really are pretty.

Using my huge cutting mat and large rulers should enable me to cut to size at my house. Remaining fabrics were then turned into curtains for basement windows!
I left enough for a hem similar to the hems at the sides of the panels.
Hems will be pressed and sewn on site at my daughter's home.

Cozying up an already perfect space!

The cat looks happy!
Till Tuesday...


  1. those curtains are so pretty and I have my eye on that hot hemmer, I have a bunch of envelope pillow backs that it would be very handy for!

  2. Edits makes an EZY-HEM gauge that I use, left over from my clothing construction days. Same idea, been around for years. Your curtains are beautiful!


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