Tuesday, January 12, 2016

We have a winner!

Marny here...Last week we posed two questions. We thank you for all your thoughtful answers; they will serve to make us better teachers! You came up with all sorts of great ideas for classes!

Your answers support our decisions about the workshops we are offering. One will be on Value and Contrast in quilt design along with reinforcing small projects. The other is Value and Color Transparency, explained and utilized in small projects.

Here are the original questions posed:
1. When you take a workshop or class (3-6 hours) do you prefer to learn more about a concept (ex. contrast and value) or actually follow a pattern and work on a quilt?

2. What concepts or skills interest you?

We received 21 comments. Classes offering design concepts and/or techniques won overwhelmingly. Many concept proponents mentioned they'd like the concepts reinforced in a small project that could be completed, or nearly finished, during the workshop. 

Total for working on concepts - 15
Total for working on pattern in class - 5
Total requesting both - 1

Concepts brought up:

  • design concepts including color, value, impact
  • concepts needed to design a pattern
  • color concepts to help make difficult choices easier
  • concepts to help create, make and build quilts
  • modern quilt design
  • improv piecing (both as a concept of a technique)
  • color theory
  • design process
  • collage quilting, what makes a good collage
  • choosing best quilting pattern for a completed quilt
  • embellishing 
Techniques mentioned:

  • y-seams
  • efficiency tips
  • hints on making challenging blocks easier ("V" example)
  • speed or shortcut skills
  • tips to customize a pattern without impacting the integrity of the designer's intent
  • sewing room organization 
  • Curved piecing
  • Free motion quilting
  • Applique
  • Piecing techniques
I want to thank everyone who commented once again. Your answers were intriguing and challenging.

Ok then, time to pick a winner. 
Screen shot of the random number generator's pick
Our winner is Sonja! We'll try reaching you now, but if the email is a problem please email us with your two pattern choices and we'll get them into the mail for you!

till Tuesday...

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  1. So glad to be able to comment! And so glad i won! You have awesome patterns. Ive emailed you. Thank you again and good luck with your class offerings!


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