Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kelp Quilt for Month 2 of DMMQG Bee

Marny here...another month of the Des Moines Modern Quilt Group Bee! It is Eva Marie's turn. We are doing the Kelp quilt from a Rossie Hutchinson (a Quilt Market friend) tutorial. Please go here to see the direction we are headed. It is going to be another awesome Bee quilt.

Eva Marie supplied a different white on white for each of us to be used in the background. We supply the kelp fabric. It is supposed be low volume, cream or white, solid or print, BUT, needs to contrast enough with the background to show up.
The fabric on the left is an old Lonni Rossi design I found in my stash.  My white background is a little white twig shape on white. No photograph does it justice. I find a certain symmetry in using Rossi fabrics in a Rossie quilt.

Here are my three strip sets ready to be cut into pieces as described in the RossieCrafts tutorial.

Segments making their way to the design wall.

Eva Marie requested one frame shape (at least) to be included. The directions for the frame shapes are not in the tutorial, but making them is pretty self explanatory. 
I might play a bit with the arrangement as I think through how it might be balanced with the Kelp blocks other members in the Bee are completing.
I hope to make mine a bit longer than the 65" requested so that Eva Marie has a little wiggle room for shifting up and down and trimming to size.

Till then...


  1. How nice to see that you're working on improv... well, a sort of improv. It's what I'm most interested in these days, and what I don't do well. I've learned that it's more difficult to learn improv after dozens of years making planned patterns.

    1. Thank you Linda! You inspired today's blog.
      Your quilts are beautiful. The creative range and use of free motion quilting says you already do improv! Do you let your intuition be your guide there?


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