Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Party and the P's of Machine Quilting!

jill here.... We're thrilled that our party date is close at hand.  Friday evening, at the Ames Public Library, we will reveal our commission quilt.

Just a glimpse....
We practiced the installation with the help of Bo and the lift!

Hope you can join us!
We'll also have quilts for auction.
In the mean time, I'm practicing my machine quilting.  I would love to be proficient so that I can proceed with a positive attitude!  I've tested and experimented.

I've found these tools to be very helpful.
Aurifil thread, microtex needles, fusible batting
 and my new found friend, the "SewSlip".

I've adjusted my tension to a 5.4 (whatever that means),
with slip pad in place.
I'm forcing myself to Put the Gloves On!

This is my practice background  motif.
I decided to sew in diagonal direction
on a very forgiving textured background with grey thread.

Not perfect but getting better.

The triangles were straight lined stitched with a walking foot.

Nearly done, just have the larger parallelograms left.
I'm going to up the scale with a large leaf.

I'll be happy to report my patience and perseverance in the near future!  Hope to see you Friday evening at the Library...or next Tuesday!



  1. That's a great background motif; it will give your quilt lots of texture. This Post is Pretty Positive, I aPProve! :)

    1. It does have a little Pop to it! jill

  2. Congrats on your commission quilt, it looks beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Cheryl. It was definitely a different kind of challenge. Now it's great to see it in the wonderful space. jill

  3. Perseverance is my favorite word when it comes to free motion quilting. It looks like you're doing just that, and I admire you for trying so hard. Just a tip... if you have any problems getting the sandwich to slide around under your machine needle, in addition to the Sewslip, make sure you have adjusted the pressure on your presser foot. Most machines have a dial - on top, or on the side (Bernina) - that increases or decreases the amount of pressure the foot is placing on the quilt sandwich. Adjusting that can make a big difference in how your quilt moves (or not) under the needle. All my best. Keep practicing!

  4. Thanks, Linda. I'll check the PRESSURE foot and ease it up. Good advice. I did slow the speed a bit and working on the Pace. Lots to practice. jill


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