Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Book Cover Tutorial

jill here...Last week we enjoyed my holiday sewing party.  We've done so many projects it's a challenge  finding something new, fresh, and useful.   We are easily distracted with conversation and need time to eat as well!  This year's little notebook covers were prepped (fabrics cut and bias binding readied) ahead for quicker construction.

Little notebook for lists and planning!

Choices to cover: a lined notebook (found at Target)
or a planner (found at the Dollar Tree).
Spread the book flat to measure.  The planner was 7 1/2" tall x 10 1/2" wide.  Add 1" to both sides for the quilted cover:  cut 8 1/2" x 11 1/2".  Adjust the size to fit your book but better to cut a bit too large than small.  Guess how I know that?

I made my own quilted fabric. I used a fun print but
you  could piece something more intricate. 

Pre-quilted fabric works great too.
I cut width of fabric pieces 14" wide, sandwiched them with 

batting and backing and challenged myself to free motion quilt.  
Great practice!
The strips were sub cut into the appropriate sizes for the book covers.

From a contrasting fabric, cut an inside backing piece 
the same measurementas the book cover.  Cut 2 more pieces the 
height of the cover (8 1/2" x 4 1/2" wide:
these are the side pocket pieces that hold the cover in place).

 Cut a  WOF 4 1/2" strip of a contrasting fabric for 
the pencil pockets.It's another great Michael Miller fabric, 
purchased years ago!I added a 2" bias stripe, pressing the outside 
edges in the center and then in half to make a 1/2" binding.
I sewed the binding on the top edge of the pocket fabric,

 always trimming the selvages away. The top edge could be folded under 
andsewn if you wish to skip the accent strip.

Sub cut the pocket fabric into 4 1/2"  squares.

To create the side pockets, sew the pocket to the taller piece.
Simply sew the the pocket on the inside edge, then press under a
quarter inch twice to sew a finished edge the full length.
There will be a right and a left finished edge.
Bias tape could also finish the edge.

The backs of the side pieces.

Place the side pieces on top of the quilted cover,
making sure you have the finished edge to the inside and the 

pockets facingthe same way, right sides together, 
matching the outside corners.

Place the backing piece, right side of fabric on top of the  previous step.
Pin in place.  Starting on the bottom, just before the side pocket starts,
sew the layers together . Stitch with a generous 1/4" seam allowance
the perimeter of the rectangle, stopping just after the other pocket.
This will leave an opening large enough to turn the cover right side out.
Trim off the corners and turn.  Push out the corners.
 Press and pull the corners out from the right side to square up.
Sew the bottom opening closed by hand or machine.

Slide your book under the inside pockets.
You may have to pick it up by the binding to get the ends in.

Ready for action!

Happy holiday campers.
We had a great time at the Lucky Star Market.  We'll post some quilts later

that will be available for purchase.  Hope you're enjoying the season. 'till next Tuesday...

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