Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Giveaway Final Chance

Thank you to those who have taken the plunge and entered our giveaway!  The contest is still open.  Just submit your thoughts on "modern" and "contemporary".   What defines these for you personally?  We will be discussing the comments next week, and will add our own thoughts as well.
Needs a home!

Marny…..So the odds for winning the fat quarter bundle are very favorable right now,  get in there and comment!  The comments we have already received are most intriguing.  They show a lot of thought and they also illustrate the wide range of personal definitions of “modern” and “contemporary” quilting.

As promised we will explain how to add a comment.  Anyone can add comments to our posts.  You do not have to have any special account or email address.  It is a simple process.  We would love to hear from more of you. 

So here goes:
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·          This will send you to a comment box.
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·          Click on the words “post comments”
·          There may or may not be a distorted word you retype on command, but this is simply to eliminate the chance of spammers.       
·          And voila!  You’re done.

Now to explain how to become “Followers”:  you can see this section on the right hand side of our blog.  “Following” is not the same as commenting.  It shows us that you are a fan of our blog.  To follow you will need to have one of several different accounts—Google or Yahoo or others.  It is free to have these accounts.  You can see that some of our followers have photos associated with their id and some are just blank.  You can click on a follower and check out their profiles, other blogs they follow, their own blogs or whatever other information they choose to include.   We’d appreciate having you as a Follower too.  Here is a URL for giving you a bit more information from the official Google blogger site.

Next week we will explain more about our Yahoo Flickr site.   It is a photo site that we have plans to make available for those interested in posting their modern/contemporary quilt explorations. 

Please comment.  Our giveaway will end at midnight central time, June 28th.  We will announce the winner in our post on June 29th.  Good luck to you all.
See you Tuesday.


  1. Hmm, I posted last week, but I don't see it there, so I'll try again.
    Modern: Not traditional, and self-consciously so. Tends towards clean lines rather than elaboration. Abstraction is one possibility that then develops.
    Contemporary: Of the our moment now. "Modern" as the larger category and "contemporary as a subset of that."

  2. I also think of "modern" in terms of tools that are used in the quilting process---rotary cutter and ruler vs. templates and scissors, sewing on a machine rather than by hand---anything that makes the quilting process easier and more enjoyable.

    "Contemporary" brings to mind the fabics that are available---tone on tones, large scale floral or abstract prints, and colors that are seen in current clothing or decorating trends. Creating ones own nontraditional patterns or using certain commercially available patterns can lead towards a contemporary quilt.

    Taking a traditional pattern and using a nontraditional fabric will give it a new and modern look. As an example, Granny's apron made in a small floral calico vs. all the aprons we see made in large scale contemporary fabrics.


  3. I think of modern as something that is 'new'. Such as taking an old quilt pattern & putting 'contemporary' fabrics with it. The idea is taking something old & changing it to make it seem more new. While contemporary is dealing with the fabric itself & how something looks. Such as the fabric with bright colors & crazy patterns that wouldn't have been found 5-10 years ago!

  4. I immediately think of the free use of textile and colours without restrictions, and to use rules and techniques as a guide and reference rather than the law.


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