Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Process Along the Path

Projects started in the Path of Least Resistance blogs from May 11th and May 18th have evolved.  Take a look.

Marny…..lots of construction decisions were made up on the design wall since the 18th.   The pieced blocks with unequal sashing were placed into several trial positions.  The aqua fabric with the lasso type print was the most active.  To “balance” the blocks in a column this fabric was distributed “evenly.”  Block 1,3, and 5 have two pieces each of that fabric and blocks 2 and 4 have only one.   Block 3 has the largest pieces of it so it was placed in the center.  The blocks were spun around to get a “path” of curves established without repeating the shape.  Repeating the arc was too distracting.
The blocks were sewn together with background sashing in between staggering their placement much like the original little sketch.   The excessive fabrics were trimmed off.  The edges were then folded under at a variety of widths to test which would look best.  This is what remains. 
Quilting lines, thread color, and  binding or no binding are a few of the decisions remaining in the process.

Jill...   We pick up after the blocks are sewn together.  Square them up.

Most of my blocks measured close to nine inches.  My goal is to make strips 7 inches by 2.5 inches. The following photos show the cuts. I trimmed off edges that weren't very interesting to make a 7 inch length then I looked for complex design patterns and cut accordingly. Save the scraps.

To finish the project, I purchased plain white and cream cotton and double-sided fusible interfacing. Adhear the cotton to freezer paper with a hot iron.   I cut the fabric and interfacing in the same 2.5 inch by 7 inch pieces.    I wrote inspirational sayings or messages on the cotton with a permanent marking pen.  Remove the freezer paper backing and make a sandwich with the pieced strip, interfacing and cotton.  Press together.

Stitich around the edges.  I used just a plain stitch but it could be decorative.  These can be used as bookmarks, gift tags or whatever....  Embellish as you like.

The following photos show other fabric selections.  Squares could be made into pins.  The designs are the surprise and can be repieced however many times you heart desires.

Until next Tuesday.....

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  1. Love the bookmarks! I've been making coasters this way, but I love nice bookmarks, and hadn't thought of this. I'll enjoy making these to have a little pile of gifts ready to go--and to use myself.


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