Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Giveaway and More at the Door

Marny.....Fall has arrived on my doorstep.

The weather has turned crisp and clear (for the most part.)  Mums are dotting the entire town with their color.  The woods around my home are starting to turn.  I find myself taking routes across town that go by the best maples to check their progress.  Some will be so fantastic I wouldn't want to miss the opportunity of seeing them at their peak.
I have purchased pumpkins to celebrate the change of seasons.  The mums and the pumpkins outside the front door make me happy every time I drive up to the house.

But something even better is cause for celebration inside the door. 

Yep, our patterns arrived early from the printer.  They look just the way we had hoped.   We are so excited to introduce them to everyone at the AQS show in Des Moines, October 6-9.  Their premier will be at the Quilting Connection booth #908.  Our samples will be hanging and a limited number of original kits will be available to purchase.  Come visit with us!  We'd love to show them to you.

The winner of Modern Quilt Relish Pattern #103 is Jan.  Please email us at with your mailing address so that we can pop it in the mail after October 6th.   To enter the drawing for MQR #104 please place a comment at the end of the post about your favorite part of fall.  Mine is the crisp, clear air and the energy it ignites in me.
And that energy is being applied to getting ready for the big reveal next week.  There are brochure sheets to design, patterns to bag and kits to tie ribbons on.
See you next Tuesday.


  1. I love seeing the changing of the seasons. The beautiful leaves are one of my favorite parts. The other is that all of those darn mosquitoes are gone for a long time. Another favorite part is putting on a sweatshirt instead of a bathing suit. Gotta love that!

    Can't wait to see your corner of the booth next week!

  2. I love the drop of temperature in the evening and putting on a sweater.

    Hurray for the patterns being done early and looking great!

  3. I love the "feeling of fall", the smell, the harvest, the beautiful fall colors and the trips to McGregor IA and to the apple orchards at Gays Mills WI. September is my favorite month....because it's my birthday month!

  4. How exciting to see your boxes of patterns!

    You know I am loving the aspens that have turned golden along the hiking trails. And it was cool enough for gloves at the beginning of today's hike and warm enough for short sleeves a couple of hours later.


  5. The sky - the color is at its most intense blue in the fall - something to do with the atmosphere. Doesn't matter why, but I love that it makes me look UP.

    Thanks for selecting me to win the pattern this week. Am excited to see it.

  6. My favorite part of fall is wearing jackets; I love jackets. That and Halloween!

  7. Fall has arrived when the leaves begin to show their vibrant colors, when candy corn has arrived in the stores, and when the local orchards have their fresh batches of cider ready! Good luck with the show -- the excitement is infectious!

  8. I love that it's not HOT any longer - well, this year has been a little odd, but usually we have such beautiful COOL fall weather! Love your patterns - they look like a lot of fun!


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